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3 Type Squats Per 1 Session


What's your opinion about squatting HB, FS and LB on the same workout for size, strength and power?
Do you think it'll be effective?




Depends on how you structure it but yeah.


Besides programming, I would just be careful with technique and cueing yourself.

I still have to put forth a decent mental effort on every set to make sure I'm hitting the squat the way I want to, or at least coming close. Doing too much switching could hurt that rhythm. And I want to get a decent amount of "practice" in, so I tend to do a lot of work. For me I'd rather just split up days, which also helps to keep my legs fresh.

You don't know until you try tho! It does sound like it would be a fun work out.


The best period of growth in my legs began when I was performing both back and front squats in the same session, 5x5 back squats followed straight away by three sets of front squats.


I like to do HB and LB in one session. Not seeing the additional value of throwing FS as well for a leg session.


Before I switched to more Powerlifting based routine, I would do this plus 5x10 RDL's. With limited equip in a home "gym" this actually made for a pretty decent workout.


This will be very effective! Put your strongest squat last, or if you compete put your competitive style last, so you're fatigued by the time you get to it and it's more challenging. No fucking volume though. I'd say a heavy set to three sets would suffice per exercise. You'll be pretty gassed afterwards.