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3 Times is Slavery and Treason


Good read:

I think, for the time being, people are still outraged by the idea of sexual slavery, therefore ACORN will probably go down and re-emerge under a different name - they do valuable work for the Dems.

To be honest, I sort of feel like the only appropriate response is a zippo raid of any and all ACORN offices.

How does any society withstand this sort of corruption being sponsored by the highest levels of our public offices? I guess we'll find out.


Awesome example of manufactured outrage, but I'm a little surprised that you couldn't wedge the Muslim angle into it somehow.


I guess I should remove the part about people in this country being outraged by sexual slavery, huh? No one bats an eye anymore. Clearly, you don't have a problem with it. When's your next trip to Thailand?


You need to manufacture outrage over this? WTF have you been smoking and where can I get a quap or two?


Perhaps he's one of these demographic dead-ends that simply need the services provided by such a brothel. O'Keefe et al are spoiling his fun.


Hey, I've got no problem at all with prostitution. I think it is a perfectly valid profession. I probably wouldn't ever hire one, but I have no problem with consenting adults selling sex (if you can give it away for free why the fuck shouldn't you be able to sell it?)

What I DO have an issue with is CHILD prostitution. This guy basically told ACORN he was about to own child sex slaves, and ACORN told him to declare them as dependants so he could get a tax reduction. That's fucking disgusting. They should have called the police right then and there.


exactly right. this is so indefensible that it is just sad when people try too.


If we're talking about prostitution with no coercion, I don't have a problem either. But the overwhelming majority of prostitutes are forced into it at a young age because they have no fathers. Let's not create an idealized version of the oldest profession here.


i would have no problems with a nevada model, based on my current understanding of it. but I agree with you in general. when you watch the documentary American Pimp, its extraordinary the way the women in that movie are exploited. they really are just slaves to the pimps they work for. I was shocked to learn that the vast majority never see a dime of the money they bring in.



Show me these cases in Austria where prostitution is perfectly legal.

In the few cases of actual sexual slavery our vice squad comes down on them like the wrath of God, with the help of the more reputable people working in that area.

After all, they do not need that kind of competition or image.


Yep. Well said. I find myself coming down on the libertarian side of this as well. It's an emotional issue though and one that's difficult to come down on. As a friend said to me years ago, "Our liberal [in the classic sense] ideals want us to allow prostitution. But none of us want our little sister or daughter joining that field."


I'm supporting this as the douchebag post of the week.


They have a huge problem with child prostitution in Nevada where prostitution is perfectly legal outside of Vegas. The reason is that the profit margins for the pimps are higher because they can control children much more easily and take basically all of the money they earn. The legality/illegality doesn't factor in as much as you might think.


Then show me the huge child prostitution problem in those European countries where it is legal?


Surely, google works just as well where you live as where I live:




As far as I can see from Austrian media we seem to have around 200-1000 "children" who prostitute themselves.

Those are usually not part of an organized sex slave cartel, just adolescent runaways who are looking for a place to sleep.


I figured you'd say something like this. You're a "see no evil" kinda guy.

The fact is that legalization is not the panacea it's made out to be unless you want to legalize child prostitution. As it stands right now, you're becoming a trafficking hub. Given that trafficking always has the cooperation of government officials in order to succeed, I'm not surprised they're not making a big deal out of it.

But I've flatly refuted what you've said, so go away.


This is just nonsense.

We are the trafficking hub for just about everything from anchovies to zucchinis.

If you cared to take a map of Europe you would immediately find out why.

Especially in Austria a child prostitution ring could only be in Vienna and our red light district and our police are way too close to let anything like that happen.

Their intimate relationship might create a lot of problems but child prostitution is not among them.


You know how American's are always tell Europeans to fuck off when they start talking like they know shit about our situation?

Well, Orion, I'm pretty sure you have a legit reason to flip that right now :stuck_out_tongue:


He cannot even read Austrian newspapers.

And I looked up what the very person he quoted also said in that conference.

Ge can comment on Austria all he wants but if he cannot even read the source material and doubts that I interpret it directly it is really odd.