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3 times a week fullbody

the college i play football for is doing a 3 times a week fullbody workout… that means bench every monday wed. fri. and back and legs and whatever else. I’m used to doing a more dominant part 3-4 times a doing bench 2 times a week on monday and friday… is this good? other guys have gained from it… by the way i changed my name right now to be anonymous … i have been posting since the forum came out.

depends on the volume and percentage of 1rm used. If the volume is low than it does’nt sound awful. I’m not a big fan of weight training after Wed. if playing a game on Sat. All in all it does’nt sound like a great program for in season strength maintanence. Give some more specifics.

An intense, total body workout 3 times/week is eventually going to overstress the body after 4-8 weeks (based on personal experience) under the best of circumstances. Utilizing such a program for an extended period of time during football season is almost suicidal - the risk of illness and injury due to a seriously stressed immune system and total body fatigue from overtraining is simply too great IMO.

My suggestion is you focus on maintaining strength using a lower rep/higher weight program with a split of various upper body parts 1 or 2 times weekly, and lower body parts no more than once weekly during the season. Being a football player, you especially do not want to overtrain your legs/lower body.