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3 Stooges Come to the Big Screen


Don't know how this will turn out, but who in the world would put Benicio Del Toro as Moe...



I was surprised too. Benicio doesn't strike me as the funny type.

Fuckin hollywood has to ruin everything, like their thinking of remaking 'The Last Dragon' wtf.


They are thinking of remaking the Last Dragon? Who will play the Sho'nuff/Shogun of Harlem?


Samuel Jackson...booo....just doesn't sound like a fit.
I remember Busta Rhymes did Sho'Nuff in a music video and I said if they ever do a remake,he should get the role.


HAHA, I remember that music video, I swear he looked just like him. I agree of they did do a remake he should do it, or maybe Snoop Dogg ?


Hmmm...I'm not sure about Snoop...he's almost same build as the original...but I don't know if he has the "room presence" to be believable.

Reference this clip:

Well,after watching that clip myself,I really can't think of anyone other than Samuel(or possibly Busta Rhymes) who could pull of a believable SHo Nuff.

I'm still scratching my head over this Three Stooges casting.


I hear you Big Boss, this has FAIL written on it. Hey Big Boss, I swear I remember you saying you are a CO, is that true? If so, you are the coolest one I ever came across.


Yeah,I was for 8 years....hence the screen name..reference to nickname from inmates..not from Metal Gear..lol. Just a balding,full-time student as of now.

I was a breathe away from being federal CO few months ago...but I think I'm truly burnt out on the prisons...regardless of pay. School is my focus now. I think I remember you referencing some experience on your end?


Yes, I have "experience" if you know what I mean. Fed Co's have it pretty good as long as you can stay within the minimum and low levels, once you get into medium and high, going to work means really earning your pay. Great benefits from what I hear, alot of CO's I met were former military and their benefits carried over.


Dude, I love when the guy jumps onto the stereo.

Now, when I say, "Who's da mastah?" you say, "Sho'nuff!"


"I got somethin real for yo ass in these hands!" HA!!


Del Toro at least can look like Moe, Sean Penn as Larry OK, but Jim Carey as Curly? He'd have to gain weight IMO.


LOL, that was classic. I like the shot where the little boy puts his hand on his head as if to say, "what in the world."


He's supposedly gaining 40 lbs for the role.

Also keep in mind that it's always better to have a good actor in the role as opposed to someone that looks just like the original.

I think the cast looks great. Carey can be hilarious, Benicio and Penn are great actors. How can it lose?