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3 Split Feedback, Pease


I do like to get some feedback on a 3-split program that I thought of.

A. breast/shoulder/triceps/cardio
B. legs/forearm curls/cardio
C. back/biceps/cardio
D. pause (1-2 days): nordic walking, aquajogging, yoga, jogging, badminton, bike, sex :wink: - recom-aktivities, mainly
[Cardio = interval training with changing machines: stepper, rowing, cross-machine, ergometre, ca. 30-45 min. with 5-8 intervals a 1-2 min.]

Usually I use 2 excercises for each muscle area, except the whole back and the legs: ech 5 excercises.

The general idea:

  1. #reps x “max. used weight” <= last time ==> change the relevant exercise
  2. 4-8 reps a 3-5 sets
  3. increasing the weight incremental for each training

Looks like a standard 3 split. What are your goals?

What exercises do you plan on using?