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3 Shots Into First Cycle, Think I May Be Getting Gyno

So I am currently on my first steroid cycle, and I am running a test-400 blend. I have been running it at .5 ml every 3 days and have only done 3 shots so far and my nipples are already starting to get puffy and sensitive to touch. I ordered some Arimidex that is supposed to arrive in 2 days and I currently have Clomid on hand. The thing is I’m supposed to take another shot today and was wondering since I’m getting Gyno symptoms should I just drop the cycle and start taking the Arimidex when it gets here or is it okay to take another shot and just wait until Monday when it’s supposed to arrive? Also if I were to just stop the cycle now would taking the Clomid be necessary?

You can add a low dose of the clomid now and that will help fight any further gyno.

So should I stop the cycle and just start taking low doses of Clomid until Arimidex arrives or would it be ok to keep doing cycle just add in the Clomid until Arimidex gets here?

You’re not going to grow a massive pair of tits in the next couple of days.

How long have you been on cycle?

For future reference… never do another cycle without having everything you need on hand…

I’m 9 days in right now and I’ve been injecting .5 ml every 3 days since the test-400 has a few short esters in it. And yeah I know it wasn’t the smartest idea to start cycle before Arimidex came in.

You are 9 days in and think you are developing Gyno already? lol

How fat are you right now? Did you have pre-existing tits?

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Plz use proper cup size terminology for refrence

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I’m not fat, I’m 6’1’’ 180 pounds and 12-13% body fat. And naw I’ve never really had pre existing bitch tits. The main thing that concerned me was that they were a little sore this morning when I woke up and looked a tad puffier than usual but I may just be being paranoid cause I’m terrified of getting gyno lol.

Your anxiety is getting the better of you. You havent even shut down natural production yet. I am not saying that has anything to do with it but just the fact of how short you have been on cycle.

And like Zeek said above make sure you find one that fits nicely. And dont bother me for anything less than a Nice full C cup


No, you add the clomid to your cycle. Clomid will help prevent gyno from forming/getting worse while cycling.