3 Sets Max Reps vs Rest Pause

In your opinion what would be a better advantage for muscle hypertrophy…

  1. if you did 3 sets of Max reps with about 3 minutes rest between sets
    Ex. 185x9,8,7

  2. doing one set of rest pause.
    Ex. 185x9,4,2

In both cases you’re reaching failure three separate times which is what recent studies have shown is that failure is the trigger for muscle growth.


I think most likely over the long haul the results are going to be about the same TBH. It really comes back to which one you’d prefer doing.

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Yea and I like your 350 method and got good results but I was just thinking about training time and how to mix things up a bit

If time is an issue then I’d lean towards the rest/pause which I still do quite often.