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3 Reasons Why Theism is Wrong.


Not so recently, I have been interested in providing arguments against different illogical arguments in order to prove them to be wrong in day to day life. I decided that after I met the militantness which is the Sociological College, in which the army of lack luster atheists (if you can really call them that) reside when not protesting for their right to deny other people their first amendment right and pretending to be hipsters in scummy bars.

I came up with three (3) common wonders of the world that atheists simply cannot explain by science and with reason without coming to the conclusion of a supreme intelligence.

  1. Conscious
  2. Language
  3. The Self



In what way are any of these things contingent upon the existence of a God? The self? As in "me, not you"? In what way is that scientifically inexplicable?

More generally: the burden of proof lies with the theist, not the atheist. It is on you to prove that there is a God, not on me to prove that there isn't. So it is on you to prove that God was responsible for these things, not on me to prove that He wasn't. And you can't do that.


Cosmology. The philosophical one, not the theoretical physics version.
Prove it wrong.


Burden fulfilled.


1.The source of morality. What makes a moral act moral and why?
2. Meta-ethics, what is 'good' exactly and why is it so? What is evil exactly and why is it so?
3. Where did 'they' come from?


We did that one for pages. It's disputed. It's fundamental assumption must be correct, among other things, and that assumption is disputed.


If you would like to believe in God, all the power to you. I love the idea of something instead of nothing. However, if you believe in any religion you are...deluded? illogical? oh,...and holding the species back! If there is a God, he sure did not let humans suffer through thousands of years of disease, starvation, want and war; to interfere in the desert two thousand years ago, and leave his message to be manipulated. Religion is an embarrassment, and it is shameful to indoctrinate children into it.


They all came from the social demand to get along.

For shits and giggles, define moral act for me. Feel free to illustrate it.


So you're not going to explain how the conscious, language, and the self came about through natural evolution?

More generally: no it does not. Answer how the conscious, language, and the self came about through naturally.


Consciousness, I have no idea. Surely you could imagine how language and the self evolved?
Or are you trolling for lol's


Yeah - where the fuck is god? All these billions of brainwashed who believe in HIM (and I'll admit I once did fervently) yet there's not one fucking shred of proof.

Where is this faceless, omnipotent puppetmaster that wipes people out by the millions yet decides to cure a person of cancer because - WE PRAYED.

Show me some proof and I'll be the first in line with a donation.

Pathetic how reason/science goes out the door when it comes to GOD.

Here's all you need to know below -

God = Unicorn


I refuse to give up on you Chris. (or you either Pat) St. Thomas has left you guys naked and bleeding in a den of lions. You give them home advantage every time you do this.


OK - please make me BELIEVE. I earnestly want to believe in God. YOU are going to heaven. I am not. Most of my good friends are believers and I wish to be enlightened also.

If you have the truth, please enlighten me as I want to know the truth. I don't care to be ignorant. I want to see all my friends in heaven when I die.

But my rational brain (the one that God gave me) refuses to accept mysticism.

So, help me out.


I'm not sure what you mean by language, all social animals communicate. Humans use language to communicate, wales use wale song.

Couldn't evolution of the brain be where the self or conscious comes from?


Wonders of the world? All three exist to some degree in other species, particularly mammals. All three things exist in chimpanzees and they've been documented since the 1970s.




One of our brightest minds, just won the Templeton Award, and he does not believe in God, although he practices in the "customs of his tribe". He illuminates some very interesting developments in Cosmology and Theoretical Physics below. And against this incredible ability to evolve, understand, wonder and ask these questions, there will always be those of you that think it all started with Adam and Eve in a Garden of Eden. Given that, where can this conversation possibly go that all the others prior to it haven't gone? Right in the toilet.



Oh...you mean conscience? Just read the other posts.

  1. What is consciousness? Isn't it awareness of external/internal stimuli due to the physiological responses of the central nervous system? Isn't my computer aware that I am hitting certain keys on my keyboard?

  2. The field of linguistics encompasses numerous theories on the origin of language however note that animals communicate with each other and there is nothing inexplicable about us or them developing communication methods.

  3. The self? Personally I was conceived due to coitus unlike the child of a certain lady who is full of grace and blessed amongst women.

  1. A behavioural pattern/instinct that developed through evolutionary means allowing us to protect the family and continue to procreate. i.e. prevent mothers and fathers from killing their children etc.

Or did Adam and Eve develop it in the naughty corner for eating the magic apples the snake offered them?


I did a quick google but didn't find anything saying he'd written the "Multi-verse" book yet. Do you know if he has? That sounded interesting.


Well, what you described is the number one reason most people turn there backs on God. It actually has a name, it's called "The problem of evil".

In this respect, I sympathize with you even though ultimately I draw a different conclusion. I don't believe it's all for nothing, I believe it will all come out right in the end.
I see it as a test.
Either way it does not matter in one respect, whether you believe or not, your life is going be a roller coaster and you will have to put up with a bone crushing amount of shit, then you die. This is true for theist and atheist alike.