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3 Quick Questions


I’ve just finished my 2nd cycle of the 531 hardgainer, I’m pretty sure I read that you should reload after 2 cycles of 531 but I can’t seem to find anything on that now, can someone confirm please?

Also, I’m wondering if I should be starting to add some variations as some extra assistance? Like deficit deadlifts, box squats, etc?

And finally, I’d like to buy one of the 531 books, could someone recommend which would be best to buy first?

Thanks in advance:)


Yes, after two cycles it is generally recommended that you do a one week deload. The books detail ways to deload, but the easiest is to just do your warmup sets for the main lift and about half the normal assistance. Alternatively, just work up to a single rep at the training max (should be smooth, fast, and no problem), and then some minimal assistance work.

No. You can just stick to the basics and exactly what Wendler has recommended for the program.

5/3/1 2nd Edition.


Thanks for your reply, that’s really helpful especially the deload advice. I’ll buy the book now :slight_smile: