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First things first this post is not for me personally it is for my friend. He is 36years old and has been training for about 5-6 years. He is about to start his first cycle. I have told him to make sure he has his nutrition in order, and study up before doing it.

I don’t think he has really studied enough because he has to many questions, but he is going to do it anyways. So on to the questions.

  1. Can you inject staight into the top of the quads or should you always go in from the side of the leg? I have already showed him spotinjections.com, but for the thigh all the pictures are going into the side.

  2. He has Test enanthate 300mg/ml and Deca 300mg/ml both from Global Anabolic, and some Test 400mg/ml that he got from a bodybuilder but not sure of what is in it only knows it is Test.

Anyways after a couple of weeks he wants to start injecting 2ml of the Test enth.300 and 1ml of the Deca300 with the same syringe all at once with a 1 1/2in. into the glutes. I have looked for this answer but haven’t found a good answer yet. Just want some opinions on if this would be OK or not. Is it a bad Idea?

3.Last: For his PCT he has enough Nolvadex for about 10 people, and some HCG. He wants to start with the HCG, but not sure how to inject it. There are to many contradicting opinions. Some people say to inj. with a insulin syringe into the Abdominal area(fat?), and some say use a 1in. IM. Would like some of your professional opinions. Which is best, and how many I.U.'s?

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any and all help.

You’re right. Your “friend” does have a lot of questions. But you say “he” is determined to do the cycle anyway. Would you ever jump out of an airplane without checking to see if the parachute is on right? There isn’t enough information given to give you a solid answer.

Why is he thinking about injecting 3ml of fluid in the same syringe? That’s too much.

There’s a reason why all the quad injection pictures show the shot from the side: Because that’s how it’s supposed to be. The idea is to get the needle as far into the muscle tissue as possible and going in at an angle is self-defeating.

Never use a regular syringe to inject HCG. The quantity is measured in IUs, therefore a regular ml syringe isn’t able to measure quantities that small. Also, I’m a big believer in the thought that you should never be injecting anything in your abdominals.

I second everything is his reply. 3ml is way too much for one injection especially if he’s using a 3ml barrel on his 1 1/2in syringe.

And for your question concerning injection site…Why would you even want to try to inject somewhere else? Him having questions like this makes me feel he isnt ready to even think about AAS. The sites showing the injection spots are showing the safest and most effective places to inject and he wants to inject somewhere else…

And for the injection of HCG in the abs… You do realize that your abdominals arent very think and your intestines are behind them.

Tell “your friend” he needs to do more research.


Thank you both for your opinions even though from the use of the quotation marks with the “my friend” obviously you thought this was for me personally.

I was just hoping to get some more fire to try and talk my friend out of doing something he wasn’t ready for. Me myself have only been working out for 2yrs now, and know that I’m not ready and don’t plan on trying but it’s always nice to learn things. Anyways thanks again for the answers.

This is a good article on safe injections:


I am of the opinion 3ML is a bit much to inject in one spot.

I have to disagree with some of the above opinions with regards to HCG injections. If you’re injecting subq (as opposed to IM) with an insulin needle, I see no reason not to inject into the ab region, assuming proper technique (i.e. pinch a fold of skin, and inject into this skinfold at a 45 degree angle). In fact it is one of the areas generally recommended by medical professionals for subq injections.

My personal choice for subq injections is in the lower ab area, below the waist and near the inguinal fold (crease at top of thigh), using a 30 gauge 8mm insulin needle. The skin there is loose with little subcutaneous fat and few nerves, and the injection is easy and painless.

HGC can be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously, there is no set protocol. However, for the purpose at hand it is better to administer intramuscularly, being it that adipose tissue (inherently where a subcutaneous injection would lead to) is far less hydrophilic than skeletal muscle tissue. It’s not a question of “can” it be administered abdominally/subQ, but rather one of “should” it.

Nothing at all wrong with SubQ in the stomach or any other area, also nothing wrong with IM - I often use my delts.

SubQ has a slower displacement rate than IM does and is the standard protocol and often the better choice as the Hcg is released a little slower causing a longer more even reaction. IM causes a much faster release and would only be ideal with everyday shots…

but then again if running long esters and you are using it to bring the boys back after shooting 3cc of oil into your muscle everyweek, then maybe a tiny 30g insulin needle into a fatty (under the skin at least) area might be a little more appealling.

Then again, why play the bring the balls back after letting them go a little at the end of your cycle instead of just maintaining function from week 1?

By the way, if I want to kill two birds with one stone, I will mix my Hcg with my shots and shoot IM; otherwise it’s always SubQ. Also I always use a standard 3cc syringe and mix my hcg to 1000iu/cc so I shoot between .2-.4cc (200-400iu’s) the way I run it. Draw it with whatever needle is on the syringe and replace it with a unused-fresh 30g insulin dart.

The problem with insulin needles/syringes is that usually the tips are not removable so you stab some rubber and dull it and then stab your belly or whatever - I would prefer fresh tips.

Regarding the volume: 3cc is a little much, I would shoot 1.5cc two days a week - like Mondays and Thursdays. Follow the injection tips and sites, there’s a reason why.

You mention the whole quad top vs side thing, but then say he is going to use his glutes - just do one cheek on monday (or whatever) and one cheek on thursday and rotate like that: But please make sure to follow the injection pictures/videos/tips as close as possible - too many people do not shoot high enough on their glutes.

Thank you all very much for your replies. I had told him I thought that 3ml in one spot was too much, but he said that he read on the net that the glutes could handle up to 3ml.

Also a bodybuilder he knows told him he could shoot into the Rectus Femoris, but the pictures all showed it going into the Vastus Lateralis that is why I asked.

There is so much information and opinions out there that it is hard to give advise especially if you don’t know yourself. Any ways like I said before it’s always nice to learn, and I figure your not going to learn anything unless you ask questions. Thanks again to everybody.

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[quote]jtriki wrote:
He wants to start with the HCG, but not sure how to inject it. There are to many contradicting opinions. Some people say to inj. with a insulin syringe into the Abdominal area(fat?), and some say use a 1in. IM. Would like some of your professional opinions. Which is best, and how many I.U.'s?

HCG is mostly produced for females where 2000-5000iu is injected at once to induce ovulation for IVF. So most of what one will find to read will talk about IM injections for women to have very strong and sudden effects. The product literature is not focused on use by males.

Research on normal young males found that 250iu HCG SQ EOD maintained testicular activity near baseline when their HPTA’s were shutdown with 200mg/wk of test cyp. So 250iu HCG SQ EOD could be used all through a cycle to maintain the testes. The research results were achieved with SQ injections. There is no need to do any muscle damage with IM injections to get a good and proven result.