3 Questions?????

I started with test cyp 150/week and equipoise 300/week. I split it into 2 doses every three days. I’m completely inexperienced having never done this before and started this on recommendation of someone I knew to help with my endurance racing/training. I’m a competitive triathlete… It has worked great as my endurance/power has gone through roof as well as helping my power to weight ratio. I have been on for about 6 weeks and I have a couple questions.

  1. Nut shrink (I’ve read threads that it’s normal) is there a way to counteract this? Some have said HCG is the only way?
  2. At the low levels that I’m on do I need to cycle off and do some sort of post therapy or can I just drop the equipoise at 20 weeks and continue with 150/week on the test cyp?
  3. How important is it to get tested? Are there outside sources or ways to get it done without
    going to a doc (not really crazy about them knowing I’m supplementing without doctors

I’m sorry about these entry level questions but am just a bit nervous with the whole shrinking nuts thing and the constant talk about testing in the forums.

Any help is much appreciated…

Ok first, this is your first cycle correct? If it is that is a mighty long first cycle, do you plan on going off ?
No AI?

  1. Nut shrinkage is inevitable, hcg will prevent this since it mimics LH. Your nuts will return to size after you end your cycle.

2.yes your dosages are pretty low especially your test, I don’t see the point of suppressing your body for a replacement dose of test. Yes if you plan on coming off you will need to do a pct even at the low doses you still shut your body down. But, if you don’t plan on coming off you can drop the EQ and continue the test.

  1. Blood work is important. You should get it before and after a cycle and if you are running a long cycle blood work during the cycle is important as well. Its good to have a baseline to see where your hormones are at before a cycle so you can have a reference where your hormones should be at after a cycle. There are websites you can order home kits to do yourself, but if you go to a docter all they can do is help and all they will do is say you shouldn’t do it other than that they have to help you

Thanks BUDs,

Here are some answers to your questions.

  1. My lower dose of Cyp came from a fellow endurance athlete and is primarily to offset the EQ (for weight reduction and associated RBC increase) and help with recovery from high workloads…I swim approx 7000-10,000 meters a week/Ride approx 140-160 a week/Run approx 30-45 a week.

So, if I do drop the EQ in Jan/Feb (will resume for another 16-20 weeks prior to 2013 race season) I can just continue low dose Cyp with HCG (Amount?)?

What about something to control the estrogen production? I hear about 1/4 pill of this and 1/2 of that…It just seems EVERYONE wants you to think they know it all. These forums are good and bad at times because you don’t know who really knows what they are talking about…You have alot of posts/responses so it seems you are knowledgeable.

I will definitely order an online test kit…Is there a way to tell a reputable lab from a shady one? What tests should I order?

Thanks again for your help…

One thing I missed…

Whats AI and what would you suggest?

A AI is a aromatase inhibitor, in short it stops the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. While running your test cyp even at the low dose running an AI will control estrogen. Some AIs are arimidex and aromasin. The normal dosing of adex would be .25mg EOD, aromasin would be dosed at 12.5mg EOD. Dosing of an AI is different for each individual, but what I mentioned before is the norm, I would start there and vary the dose need be.

Hcg would normally be run at 250iu 2-3x per week.

I just saw a website on one of these threads that someone posted I can’t remember the site, but it wa only a few days ago so you should be able to find it pretty easy.

Now do you plan on coming off completely before the 2013 season? Or do you plan on running a TRT dose of test cyp

I was planning on running 150/week on the test cyp.

I was just reading that the adex/aromasin will also cut down on water weight? I’ve really leaned out on the EQ but wasn’t aware of any water retention…In my game every pound counts.

If I just stay on the low dose of test cyp/HCG during the season, I can continue as long as I wish or is it better to cycle off for a little bit to let my natural production kick in for a while? I would prefer to stay on simply because of the recovery aspect of it all…It really has taken my training to a new level.

Yes the AI will cut down on the water weight, but most importantly the purpose of the AI is to control estrogen and for the prevention of gyno. Now with such a low dose of test its possible to run without it and you might not need it as much as someone running 500mg a week, its just a good thing to have on hand for E2 control.

EQ is great for lean gains, and with such a low dose of test water retention will be minimal.

Now the decision to cycle of or stay on is entirely your decision, you have to determine if its right for you. Now instead of doing cycles and cycling off youll be doing a blast/cruise TRT regiment. There are benefits to both sides and like I said that’s something you need to look into and decide for yourself. I don’t have much to say about blast/cruise or TRT so you might wanna look at the T replacement forums on here and I know vtballa is someone you probably would wanna talk to about TRT he happens to be very intelligent with the TRT protocol.