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3 Questions About Switching to EOD Protocol

switching to an EOD protocol for ore stable levels and less fluctuation.

My current regimen is:

50 mg Test Cyp every 3.5 days (100 mg a week total)

My most recent bloodwork:

Total T: 1316 ng/dl (264-916)

Free T: 28.3 ng/dl (9.3-26.5)
Estradiol (sensitive): 40.1 pg/ml (8.0-35.0)
SHBG: 45.2 nmol/l (16.5-55.9)

IGF1: 252 ng/mL (101-307)

DHEA: 278.0ug/dL (138.5-475.2)

TSH: 1.240uIU/mL (0.450-4.500)

Im now switching to 25 mg every other day (still 100 mg a week total) and have a few questions…

  1. How long into my new protocol should I get bloodwork? 6 weeks?

  2. When I get bloodwork, should I get it on my injection day or my day off?

  3. should I expect my T and e2 levels to go up or go down on this new protocol?

6 weeks, right before your injection

If the dosage remains the same as previous protocol, T levels will be higher on average, E2 levels is a tough call because mileage varies person to person.

You could decrease the dosage by 20% on the EOD protocol.

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That’s not 100mg/w. Do the math for real and tell me what number you actually come up with. (In case you skip doing the math I’ll just tell you, it’s 87.5)

A 12.5% drop in your dose may not be noticeable at all. Or you could be like a lot of the more sensitive chaps who come here who absolutely lose their minds with that kind of change. Just be aware that what you’re doing is not the same as what you were doing before.

Using the online plotter you’ll be pretty stable on the new dose after 3 weeks. You could wait 5-6 just to be safe.

Get labs on the lowest point, day of your shot, before taking it

If you consistently check these at the trough, and don’t change your dose, they will come back higher (since your trough is now higher)

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Sunday (25 mg) + Tuesday (25 mg) + Thursday (25mg) + Saturday (25 mg)

= 100 Mg

The final day does overlap so, I see your point.

If thats the case, Ill just up the dosage

How many days in a week? Seven. So you can’t calculate dose if you pin eod with odd numbers. So you extrapolate out to an even number. Watch:

28 days = four weeks
14 injections over 28 days
14 x 25mg = 350mg
350mg / four weeks = 87.5mg per week

30mg EOD would get you 105mg per week (average)

25 eod divided by 2 gives you a daily dose of 12.5mg

12.5 x 7 gives weekly 87.5mg per week.

I really can’t understand why some people get so stuck with this.

Do the mg per shot divided by the daily frequency and it gives you how much you get per day. Then x7

Thats Maths for a 7 year old!

Edit: I’ve replied to the wrong person