3 Pins a Week for a Total of 100mg?

What kind of schedule do you use of 33.3mg a pin?

Hi Phil, It would be nice to know your shgb. That determines if you need one big shot(high SHGB) or 3 smaller ones(low SHGB). Are you planing to use T cyp?

I have a thread for my particular case but was just wondering what most people with low SHBG do.

Mine took a big hit from 30 to 22 to now 16, after 3 months of TRT.

Here’s my thread:

As i understand it big doses will drop your SHGB and yours has dropped.
To get it to stop dropping would guess you need many smaller ones. 3 pins a week might not be enough. My SHGB is 28.9 and I pin .20 M/W/F Tcyp. You might need to think about EOD hell 27ga 1/2 easy touch syringes only cost 12 bucks a 100 and there is no reason to go IM with these small doses.

BYup, that’s the syringe I use for my SubQ into belly.

I’m trying to get an exact 3 day rotation in terms of length of time between pins. You go an extra day before taking a shot after Friday, to Monday. I want it precisely and equally spaced, to the minute. LOL

EDIT*** Going with what Dr says until next labs; no more than 3 pins a week.

Do you know about the steady state of T cyp? it takes 40 day for T cyp to reach a steady state in your body where you actually have double the amount of T in you than you inject. So with that in mind waiting two days between Fri and Monday to ad 40mg to that 40 day mix I feel no different. HTH

I have low SHBG,19. I pin EOD. Unless you want to set an alarm for every 56 hours, then you wont get an even spacing. Just pin EOD. its only 2 more pins in a 28 day period… I went from twice weekly to EOD and put on 5 lbs of lean mass on a smaller dose. I was doing 200 MG a week and dropped to 175 Mg wk at 50mg EOD. I take less AI now also.

That’s my back up plan, going EOD, if my Dr suggests something else that doesn’t make sense, depending on full thyroid panel results of course.

So I pinned in my car at noon, immediately after the appointment. It was trough morning and I didn’t know if he was going to make me give blood right away or not. LOL

My next pin will be 56 hours later on Wednesday at 8pm and the next one will be at 4am on Saturday but I wake up at 7am so… close enough, do it right after morning pee. LOL

I honestly think youre over thinking and going through way too much trouble. Pinning in your car? Seriously? Just go EOD despite what the doctor has to say about it. He doesn’t need to know…and who cares if he does…At least that way you can pick a time in the evening or morning that would be consistent with your lifestyle.

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So many want to make this TRT harder than it really needs to be. I don’t get it.