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3 or More Shakes to Get Past Plateau?


I love to make a shake with whey, oats, natural pb, and a banana. it is the easiest way to get down about 700 cals.

I am wondering; however, if drinking this shake three or more times a day would be unhealthy or have negative consequences.

I have been STUCK at 234 pounds for a couple months, and I do NOT want to waste any more time. I want to be getting bigger all the time, so will these shakes help me get past this tiny plateau?

Any other suggestions?


Dude, no offence, but you worry about the lamest shit. You will know if it is too much if you gain too much body fat. Why do you think anyone here can predict the results you will get?


if youre worried about fat gain, start with one then............


Isn't the hamburger helper thread where everyone says at 234# you don't look like you even lift?

And then you go on to make a thread about how hard it is to get enough protein

And then one about eating the same thing every day?

Don't worry, we all kind of went through this in the beginning. Eventually you'll either figure it out, or give up.


Link please!




found it



lol ok, I just thought maybe somebody would notice something I could do better rather than doing the wrong thing, but I get your point.. thanks


wait, what is your point about my other threads? and I most definitely won't give up, if anything my determination is shown by making these threads...


Making these threads means you won't commit to anything.

Stop making useless threads and start lifting.


yes it will work however i noticed i get through plateaus quicker if i start including more solid food.


OP, just for reference, after seeing your pics from the other thread can you post current ones?

like from today, tomorrow this week? just curious...


Explain how making these thread means I won't commit to anything. You make no sense.


Alright man I have no problem doing that, but what exactly is the point?


Thanks for the response. Yea man I notice I get so dam full for hours after drinking one of these shakes too. It must be the fiber in the oats? I am trying out more solid food throughout the day, and shakes towards the night.


it just seemed weird from the other pics that you were really 235. height?


Oh yea I am 6 foot 4 haha. Ill throw another one up soon maybe tomorrow


ohhhhh that makes sense then


Yeap, I tell peopple my weight and they are surprised (even for my height) and I am heavier than most people I know, so I try not to forget that I am 6 foot 4 lol so I dont feel "comfortable" at my weight


I drink shakes like that all the time man, how you could think that whey, oats, and bananas are somehow unhealthy? this is far past illogical in my opinion. if your 6'4 you have a long way to go in terms of size in order to look filled out even so I wouldn't sweat the small stuff