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3 or 4 Day Split Advice


Hey guys,

Currently I been working with a 3 day slit
Over the last 8months I've had fantastic progress with my lifts increasing ingevery session and my body definitely responding best then the traditional 7 day frequency most do..for some reason the increase frequency of 5 days seems to work well but my question is have many ppl had any experience with a 4 day split where I'd do something like this
Now pretty much doing 12-15 sets for main muscle groups larger groups n around the 6-9 for bi shoulders n tri at this stage but idea of giving my shoulders a bit more of a concentrated hammering. Also the idea of traps is I want to take them away from back day as after a heavy back hit with deedlifts also my grip suffers to do trap work effectively n they seem to lack size at the moment!!

What do you guys think I know there's some very experienced people and would love some of their opinions n advice

Thanks anthony


Out of the 2, I would do the second one. Personally, I like being in the gym so the more days I can be there the better, so I would have a seperate day just for arms and do 5x a week but thats just my preference. But more then that, I feel like hitting both shoulders and legs in the same day would be a fairly long workout. Not extremely long, definitely doable, but if you have the time to do a 4th day why not put shoulders by themselves? And on your second example if you wanted to increase frequency you could look into removing that first rest day. Having a sore chest/back might be a little uncomfortable for squats/leg press/RDL's, but I haven't noticed any effect on work capacity.

But if you are happy with the progress you are getting from your split, why change it? People argue all the time what the best split is, but its pretty subjective. Most splits work honestly as long as you push yourself and eat to gain. I did a 3x a week TBT for a while and made some damn good progress. I will never do it again because my views have changed, but it got me results I was happy with at the time.


Thanks for taking the time to reply..why change I think because I've been reading quite a lot and also have noticedmy shoulders and traps aren't growing as much as I'd like, I'm really wanting to round my traps and shoulders and have them really pop! am currently doing shoukders on leg day and honestly the workout isn't too long at all still around 50 mins! Would taking the rest day out of the centre stop growth tho! My diet is great consuming 3200 csls a day but I do have n active job n I have read so much that rest is also importantant?? Do u think 12 sets is too much for say back or chest, to b hitting it again 5 days later! Essentially it's twice a week!

I'm just toying with sone ideas I have read a lot of the posts and other routines on site they look great but love to try or learn new things! Keep the repliescoming really appreciate it


I have no idea how you are getting into the gym and doing legs and shoulders both within 50 minutes, assuming your volume isn't really low or your rest times are short.

Would taking the rest day out of the center stop growth? It is possible and no one knows your bodys recovery ability or work capacity. You will have to see for yourself. Probably not, assuming you are eating more then you burn. The human body is a pretty amazing thing, it can handle way more then people seem to think.

"My diet is great consuming 3200 calories". Well that may or not be great. Just because you get 3200 calories doesn't mean anything if you burn 4000 in a day and you are trying to gain.

Rest is important, in the sense you need some to gain. How much you need is individual, which is why some people like 1x a week body part splits and others like more frequency. I squatted 3x a week and deadlifted 1-2x a week for months in a row and made great gains. I was sore all the time, but there's a big difference between soreness and under-recovered.

Is 12 sets too much? Depends on you as an individual, also depends if you are doing straight sets or ramped. 12 sets with only 4 of those being top weight is a lot different then 12 sets done with top weight. I don't think there is anything wrong with 12 though.


i like the 2nd one