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3 or 4 Day Program Help


I’ve been doing group weight training through a PT for the last three years (on and off with sporting injuries) which has shown good results through their structure and taught the fundamentals but now due to cost I’m looking at training myself.

I already do three hiit sessions a week but looking to find a strength program to work on cutting down body fat and toning up for 3 or 4 sessions a week. Can anyone provide a good program?

My stats:
27 years old
182cm tall
Back squat - 125kg
Front squat - 90kg
Bench - 92.5kg
Clean - 80kg

Goal is to get my weight back down to the low 80 kg mark.





The Darkhorse from neversate. Look it up on YouTube. Great program and fun.


Any basic strength training program would work in conjunction with your hiit. I personally would recommend them ideally on separate days from your lifting, or after your weight training.

Heres a few that would work across 3-4 days a week:
5/3/1 - theres a rest pause version somehwere on the site that’s only 2 days a week
Texas Method
Starting Strength/Stronglifts 5x5 as long as you make progress with the lifts
182cm and 80kg is light, and I think you should develop some muscle before you drop that low.