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3 Nutrition Questions

  1. I remember reading somewhere that food oxidation decreases life span? What the heck? Does that mean in terms of longetivity, it is better to eat less food?

  2. Is glycemic index affected by how much you chew food? It seems to me that if you eat quickly and don’t chew properly, there is less surface area to volume ratio and therefore slow absorption?

  3. What is the general consensus on bee products supplementation? eg. royal jelly extract, propolis, etc.


  1. Maybe. The only way scientists have found to extend the lifespan of lab rats is calorie restriction. Whether this applies to humans is unknown. But in the “Seven Countries Study” that ran from the 60’s to the early 90’s that led to the so called Mediteranian Diet the group that lived the longest did have a very low a calorie diet.

  2. NO, glycymic index is not changed by not chewing the food.

  3. Bee products are crap.