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3 New Stealth Injectables


I don't have the full details, but the owners of "Stealth Labs" have told me that they're going to be adding 3 new injectables to the "Stealth Injectables" line up.

Currently, they have all the basics (Different Testosterones & Test Blends, Masteron, Deca, Eq, Tren, etc...). But now they've finished 3 new products to add to the line. I'll give you more details as I get them.

But if you've got a source for the Stealth Line, and they are missing something you want, just wait a little while longer, because they're adding 3 new products.


Here's hoping for tren e & npp


Oh hell ya 19Nor products with short esters give me a hard on. I need Nandrolone Phenylpropionate!!! It would be nice to also find stealth oxabolone cypionate. ive always wished someone would make it.


Im pretty sure the new ones are: tren-e(100mg/ml), super tren (200mg/ml), primo (100mg/ml)


by super do you mean a combo of tren hex, tren e, and tren a, or tren a/test p combo or tren a/tren e combo


Acetate and hex, 100 each according the the site.


any Pms of places that send stealth to australia would be appreciated


Dito.....PMs For Florida Would Be Nice


Triple ditto for me... to Alberta, Canada.

Thanks 'cause so far it looks like the one suppliers package has been nabbed as its been 8 weeks since they shipped.




Who makes the stealth product line? Is it IP? Thats who used to make Alins bulk oils.