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3 New Exercises in My Arsenal



i want to share them for people like me, training in their home gyms with little equipment.

munoz curls : i had seen it in a victor martinez training video about 10 years ago but didnt try it until recently. its basicly an alternate dumbbell curl but difference is you keep the non-working arm in contracted position while working the other. its really effective and i suspect it may be the reason my biceps started to look bigger nowadays.

jefferson squats : like most, i learned it from kai greene videos but it looked too weird to try for years. i have been doing it for about 2 months now and it became my personal favorite. the pump in the quads and glutes ( and soreness next day ) is unbelievable.

one arm barbell shrugs : i had read about it in a Charles Poliquin article. after i got lean, i noticed that my traps are very weak. i tried this exercise and fell in love with it immediately. it has a very free range of motion because nothing rubs your thighs like in dumbbell shrugs. i use a 3 second squeeze at top and it becomes even better.


You could probably do that last one with farmers walk handles which will make balancing easier.