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3 Months Till First Comp


I only got three months to prepare for my first comp, i don't having much trouble cutting up and probably should bulk up a bit more then cut again, what u think peoples


rear lats


back double bicep


front lats


Your going to need more time then that if you want to be big enought to do a comp.


Your upper body needs to match your lower body


If you can cut up without much trouble then you might as well add some more mass. I would focus on your overall upper body mass. I gave you a 6 (I'm not sure why you would be an overall 4) because you are in good shape you just need some more muscle. Good luck at the comp


how old are you? if your going into a teenage competition i think you'll do just fine. then after take some time to bulk. but you def don't deserve a 4!!! i gave ya 6 too


i gave you a 6 aswell..i was feeling generous.


Very solid base for a teen. Make sure you make the most of your post contest rebound, and in another 20 lbs or so, you'll be a helluva lot more impressive.