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3 Months Post-TRT Blood Test Results - Thoughts?

First blood test results after stopping TRT 3 months ago. I did not take an AI post TRT, only a small amount of hCG.

Test 489 (ref 249-836)

Free test 7.38 (ref 5.7 – 17.8)

Bioavailable test 184 ( ref 125.6 – 412.1

Estradiol 51.3 (ref 25.8 – 60.7)

SHBG 52 (ref 18 - 55)

Albumin 4.58 (ref 3.5 – 5.2)

Prolactin 6.57 ECLIA method ( 4.04 - 15.2)

What does everyone think? SHBG and Estradiol are high, of course. After 3 months, is it time to consider an AI? Or does it look like I’m climbing back towards some version of ‘normal’ and I need to be patient? I know, I know: Everyone’s version of normal is different.

How do I feel? Not particularly great. I’ve had some bad mood swings since stopping but they seem to have died down. Energy/motivation? I don’t have high energy or motivation but I don’t even know what normal energy or motivation feels like. All the years I was obese plus sleep apnea means I don’t even know what I should feel like.

Ability to focus? It’s been subpar for years, so hard to say. It’s not high though.

Morning wood – not often. Horniness /excitability? Declined. Masturbation? Gone down a lot. Quality of erection? Worsened – sometimes its Ok sometimes not.

Recovery? I don’t lift weights (I don’t know why, I can’t get myself to lift consistently- but that’s for another forum) but I do Muay Thai, intensely early Nov- early Feb, sporadically since. Haven’t noticed increased soreness.

One bad sign: I did something stupid and went for a jog 3 weeks ago. I hate jogging, always have. But I was feeling guilty about not going to the gym so I did it. Nothing crazy, basically a few cycles of walking a few minutes followed by 2-3 minutes of running. Result, I strained something in my foot, I imagine the tendons. Anyway, it still hasn’t healed.

My last blood tests before starting TRT (2 years ago) showed Test 507 (ref 249-836), Free test 6.7 (ref 5.7 – 17.8) Estradiol 25.2 (ref 25.8 – 60.7) and SHBG 63.2 (ref18-55)

DHEA-S was expensive that’s why I didn’t have it checked but if there’s something else moderately priced that you think is important please let me know and I can have the lab test it. I didn’t bother with the thyroid because that’s never been an issue plus I ate my Brazil nuts and seaweed these last 3 months lol.

Is there an anti-estrogen supplement I should consider? I tried Source Naturals’ DIM tablets twice, and both times it gave me an allergic reaction. Should I consider another brand or is DIM off-limits for me?

There is a wild card: I have either an infection or high inflammation, based on results of low neutrophil, moderately high lymphocyte and sky-high ESR. I don’t know how much those can interfere with my blood levels. I will have some tests done next week to figure out what the issue is.

Appreciate your input

Since stopping what?

Regarding your blood work you have room to up your dose. And with the higher E2 and SHBG you should probably be moving to multiple smaller shots per week.

He stopped TRT 3 months ago.

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God damn…right there in the first sentence. Thank you.

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Hey, it happens to me too lol

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