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3 Months on Hcg. High Blood Pressure from High Test Levels?

Hi guys.

I was prescribed hcg about three months ago. My test was at 14. I started at a half dose for two weeks, felt fine then Moved up to the full does (10cc? I am not sure).

3 months later I honestly feel like I am on roids. I’ve benched 315 for the first time ever. I am currently up to 5x5 sets at 265. It crazy.

I got my bloodwork back and everything is in the nromal range except my test has went up to 39! This seems too high, considering the normal range on my paperwork maxes out at 29.

I have an app with my doctor to discuss it but I am on vacation and won’t be able to see on for some time. So I have some questions.

  1. Is this too high?
  2. If he makes me go down in my dose, will I lose my gains?
  3. Has anyone experienced high blood pressure with high test? It could be a coincidence, vacation, bad eating/drinking but lately my BP has been 140(initial tests) then down into the 130s. High BP is the only negative thing I’ve noticed (if it is related to my test) but I’ve seen studies that suggest high test is bad for your heart.

Thanks guys.

Edit: I should add I take estrogen blockers, aspirin and fish oil (along with other vitamins unrelated)

High estrogen is associated with high blood pressure, we really needs labs to be able to help you. Note you cannot affect E2 inside the testicles with AI’s while on HCG mono, it’s why I don’t recommend it.

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Has your bodyweight increased? If so, muscle or fluid retention? Back in the day, when starting an AAS cycle, usually around day 9 or 10 after starting, we’d see significant weight gain, like overnight. For me, about eight to ten pounds. Get up in the am, look in the mirror to shave, surprise. Where did those huge traps come from? We weren’t fooling ourselves, we knew that wasn’t a sudden ten lbs. of muscle.

Fluid retention should subside over time. If it’s from estrogen, that should also settle down with time. Some do resort to AIs or diuretics.


Yes I’ve gained roughly 20lbs. However i was cutting before I started. I stopped cutting same time I started hcg and gained back the weight I had cut but, seems to be a way better muscle to fat ratio this time. I am also getting bacne. I am literally the strongest I’ve ever been in my life.

Like I said, I am taking estrogen blockers every day as well.

Thanks. I am trying to figure out how to attatch my results via phone but I only have a PDF version.

The only tesosterone test done says “reproductive and gonadle”

No estrogen.

I know on the first test he did 3 months ago all those things were added. Wonder why he didn’t do it this time.

That’s insane, this isn’t sustainable.

Wake up man, you’re doctor is insane.

Would you mind explaining?

I take two hcg shots a week, Monday and Friday. And I take , I belive its reloxifene every day. Since my test was so high I am going to assume he will lower my hcg dosage when I see him.

Guys that take estrogen blockers daily or every other day at high doses several months down the road show osteoporosis when a dexa scan is done.

This is what doctors are seeing and what the studies are showing. Estrogen blockers destroy estrogen metabolism.

You’re not in Florida by any chance are you?

No I am not. I am from Canada lol.

So how often would you take estrogen blockers? Because you do need them when raising test, correct?

I thought estiva was used to PREVENT osteoporosis?

Maybe not……………….

That’s interesting. I’ll watch that when I have some time. I see my doctor on wendsday and I’ll see if he lowers my dosage or not, as 39 seems high to me. Really only side effects I am seeing though are bacne and possibly higher blood pressure.

However I am not a doctor and there obviously could be a lot of inside stuff going on.

My doctor makes me get blood work done every 3 months to keep track.

Also, how the hell do I quote ppl?