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3 Months Off TRT Bloodwork, Back on TRT

This is what my bloodwork looks 3 months off trt.
TT= 195 250-1100
FT= 41.7 35.0-155.0
Stradiol= 26 <or= 39
Shbg= 15 10-50
LH= 4.7 1.5-9.3
Fsh= 14.8 1.6-8.0

I feel tired, depressed low mood, but insanely I don’t have any low sex drive symptoms… I actually want to have sex everyday, for me it hits the most on mood and energy. Very dull mood as nothing matters anymore. Looking back at my results I think I’m primary I have gotten ultrasound on my testicles like 8 months ago and everything looked fine, no tumors ect. Reason I had it done was cause i would get some pain in my right testicle sometimes and never once the left. Anyway can someone share some thoughts on why my fsh is so high for what I read it could be that my testicles are not working.
Btw I’m back on trt at 10mg test cyp ED subq will retest in 6 or 8 weeks.