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3 Months of Progress: Opinions?

[quote]sam_sneed wrote:
Doyle wrote:
Looks good, I notice you don’t have any shoulder exercises for rear delts, is that because you feel you work them hard enough on back day?
You mentioned on my thread that you want to bring your shoulders up a bit, have you changed wat your doing for your shoulders much from wat you did before?

The only thing I changed for shoulders was moving from the ISO machine shoulder presses to dumbell presses. And going from 4x8 to a heavier 5x5. I’d like to get my shoulders stronger but don’t know of any good exercises for rear delts. Is there one that works for you?[/quote]

Yeah I like to do cable side raises.
I bend a bit at the hips (like 45 degrees)and turn my pinky up a bit, helps me to target the rear delt. Also I’ve found that keeping the shoulders retracted stops the traps from taking over.
Rowing and cleans are good too IMO even though they are back exercises. I have often thought about doing a split with back and shoulders on the same day because of this.
Hope thats helpful