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3 months of Androsol/Tribex

Would it be better for me to alternate 2 wks of androsol/ 2wks of tribex(repeat), or alternating 2wks sust-250/ 2wks oxandrolone/2wks winny/2wks hcg(repeat)for 3-4 months. I know about how anabolics work (I’m a bio major). I was just wondering about my HPTA and the difference in androsol/tribex vs. AAS ? All responses and viewpoints are apreciated. ( This is for athletic competition, not bodybuilding)

Without giving dosages of the two proposed cycles, there’s no way to compare them. If the total mg of the pharmaceutical steroid cycle is more than 750, I’d assume it would give more gains.

The idea of alternating different steroids
every 2 weeks (if that’s what you meant) as a way of supposedly avoiding
inhibition won’t work. As far as your hypothalamus and pituitary are concerned, you’d be “on” all the time.

Or if you meant, switching to a different
anabolic every 4 weeks, doing 2 on / 2 off
cycles, there is no advantage to such a thing. It would be better to pick the cycle that was best for your purposes and stick with it, rather than to do different and less-good ones each time.

the dosages would be light. 1cc sust for 2 weeks, then switch to 10 mg oxandralone for 2 weeks, and 25 mg of winny e.d. for the following 2 wks. followed by HCG for 2 weeks. The rasoning here is that oxandralone isn’t supposed to effect HPTA axis therefore its like a 2 week vacation (liver excluded)in the middle. almost 2 weeks on/2weeks off. oh, and then, just like good shampoo, repeat. My goal is to get continual strength gains and never-ever-ever-ever platau. thanks.

The problems with all this are:

  1. Contrary to what some “literature” in
    the bodybuilding field says, oxandrolone
    IS suppressive of the HPTA. It is just
    a question of dosage and timing. If you took
    the 10 mg only in the morning, you would
    not notice any suppression, nor would you
    notice much effect and maybe not anything
    noticeable. If you divided the dose, well,
    at 10 mg suppression would still be low,
    but you still wouldn’t gain anything to
    write home about. Higher doses taken in
    divided doses certainly are suppressive.

  2. For most guys, 1 cc of Sust 250 on day
    1, followed by another cc on day 1 of week 2,
    with nothing more, will produce barely noticeable gains, if noticeable at all.

  3. 25 mg/day Winstrol, if divided doses,
    is better than the above and would be
    a little noticeable but nothing dramatic.

In conclusion, you’re not going to get
“continual strength gains and never plateau.”
That wouldn’t even be true at 4 grams per
week, but at these doses, what you are getting
is something similar to what you’d get by
improving your training, improving your diet,
improving your sleep, or improving other
supplementation. I would not be surprised
if Tribex or Methoxy-7 would not give the
same results as you’d get from this ultra
light supplementation with AAS – these
doses can’t be called a steroid cycle.

Androsol or Nandrosol would blow your
proposed cycle away. Seriously.

Alright Bill, Ill take your word for it. I just finished an 8 week cycle of EQ 2 weeks ago so Ill start off w/ methoxy for 2 weeks, followed by Androsol (70 sprays) for 2, then tribex (6 caps) for 2. I’ll keep ya posted.

racer…just outta curiousity, bud. Are you going to do Androsol for 70 sprays two times/day or the 70 sprays once a day (as proposed in the last couple BTS under the New Andro Wars question)? I’m getting ready to do my first cycle of Androsol, so I’m pretty pumped and was wondering what others were doing. Thanks.

Timbo, 70 sprays once a day. ther is an enzyme responsible for converting andro to test that limits the amount of test you can get out of it. going past the 70 mark is probably pretty close. I doubt you could get anything out of 140 a day

racer, thanks, buddy. I thought the original dosing was two applications a day (40-70 sprays after a morning shower and 40-70 sprays again in the evening after a shower)? I know there was concern about the evening application inhibiting natural T production, but I thought that was the premise behind a two-on, four-off cycle. So you’ll be doing just one 70-spray application in the morning? Thanks, racer.

I’m gonna back Bill up on your usage of Sus250.
It might be 4 tes’s but each of their esters are different, reason why its a good self-taper, however in 1cc per week dosage you might not even see gains. 2cc twice a week is the miniumn I’d tell a person (not that I’d tell a person), and you’re still gonna want to stack that. Stacks are the key to self-proscribed gain goals.

I did a full blown regiment of Biotest products before my first anabolic cycle as a primer and cycle crossover and gained about 8lbs of LBM from it, and I’m not sure if you’ll get that out of your Sus. I’m also disillusioned with Sus, to really get good gains out of it you need to take it eod and in some quantities.

Granted that if you were doing a 1-1.5g a week for 4 weeks you could coast the other 4 weeks on the taper. Due to the ester buildup you’d get to keep tes levels more stable and long acting enough to cause gains.

So for about a 10lb gain w/ proper training, sleep (sleep very important!), calories, proteins, and supplements you can stay natural.

If your looking for 20-30lb gains, then you’re going to have to start doing more research.

A note to Bill if he reads this one: I rolled off of a good Sus(2ccx2)/Reforvit(1ccx2)/Cyp(1ccx2)x 8 wk cycle onto clomid, tribex, zma, and methoxy, and I am seeing some wonderful retention. So for where your products are in the scheme of things I think your doing a bang up job with the effectiveness and versatility of the products.


Mr Roberts - is this correct about some enzyme limiting the amount of conversion so that 70sprays/day total is about maximal?

why hasn’t anyone else advised about this previously??