3 Months Into Workout

Ok guys im ready to be flamed but its OK, just please make constructive criticism.

So far i’ve been working out for 3 months , about 3 times a week. in the 1st photo im at 210 lbs more or less and very little (maybe no) muscle
i try to eat every 2-3 hours, and have been eating healthy, for supplements i got Surge for my post-workout and Grow!. i usually take 2 scoops of Grow! every morning and 3 scoops at night (when i work out) and 3 scoops of Surge (sip half during workout and then chug the rest on my way home)

im 26 years old, 6’-3" about 205 now, i know the “after” photo isn’t much for alot of people out there but i feel damn good and proud, but NOT happy nor satisfied, i want more much more, i wish i started sooner. anyways please feel free to either give me ur opinions, workout routines that you guys recommend, food, diets, supplements, im all ears and eager to learn from you all, luckly i got time to spare during afternoons and $$ isnt that much of a problem (Thank God!), so again i wil say please give me your opinions and thanks for taking the time in reading this. the next post will be a after photo.

i almost forgot, my goals, i need to be by the end of the year freakn awsome, im going to see my family and need to look great, i was thinking about bulking up for the next 3-4 months and then at what ever point im at start to shred and cut. is this possible? am i asking too much?

here are the after photos


another after, please keep in mind its only been about 3 months

the 2nd pic is not an after is it? unless the dog is an ornament.

personally i dont really see any difference. Plus, the poses are not the same.

What is your workout?

What does “healthy” mean?

What are you actually trying to achieve?


yeah ur right i messed up posting the photos, sorry, the “before” photo got mixed up, my bad, later on my lunch break i’ll look for a before photo. thanks for the reply

by healthy i mean, breakfest if the following:
7:30 am
1 cup oatmeal with 1 1/4 cup of 2% milk
2 slices of wheat bread with cottage cheese and a little bit of grape jelly with 2 scoops of Grow! and water

9:30-10:00 am
Yoplait light fat free yogurt (100 calories, 19g carbs, 14 g sugar, 5g protein) with a Nature Valley garnola bar “honey-n-oats” (180 cals, 50 fat cals, 6gr fat, 29gr carbs, 4g protein)

12:00 mid-day
LUNCH usually some yummy stuff my wife makes, can go from being white rice, veggies, steak and potatoes salad. or spaguetti and meat balls, you name it.

2:00 pm
2nd Granola bar (same as the one @ 10 am)

5:00 pm
can of tuna albacore white with 2 slices of wheat bread

7-8:30 pm
Workout @ gym
sip 1/2 serving of Surge (3 scoops)
then after workout chug second 1/2.

9:30 pm
chicken breast (BBQ or cooked) with salad or veggies

10:30-11 pm


thats foodwise, am i on the right track? how can i improve this? please help me!

ok workout routine (forgive me if i dont know the true lingo names to each exercise)

  1. Flat chest using dumbells, warm up with 35 lbs series of 10 , then 8 with 45, 8 with 50 and end with 8 of 55. rest about 60 seconds between sets
  2. Incline chest also using dumbells , same as above.
  3. i call them “paralels” where i hand from 2 paralel bars and go down an dup, i think they are called “dips”.
  4. Military press (shoulders i think) same weight and reps as the chest routine.
  5. forgive on this but i dont know how to explain it in a easy way, but its the machine where you can do flat chest but sitting down and the arm rest can be inverted and you end up working shoulders and back. sorry . also 4 sets, 1st one low weight just to warm up and the next 3 sets are heavier.

this is crazy, im never gonna finish,
i just do 3 chest, 3 shoulders, 3 back, 3 tri’s, 3 bi’s. boom thats it. i gotta get educated in this stuff, sorry guys.
i will post the before photo in about 2 hours, thanks for your patience

You arent doing enough sets per exercise. Man my chest is bombed after every chest routine. I get the feeling you are complacent with your training. Eg. you just go through the motions during the sets throwing weights around figuring you’ll make big gains in such a manner.

For each rep you must contract the muscles being worked this will help you immensley with growth particularily with striation development and of course max stimilus to those muscles.

Do this and watch your chest explode!

i just skimmed through your meal plan and the first thing i notice is not enough protein.

ditch the granola bars

look into getting some healthy fats into your diet…flax,fish oils, natty pb, olive oil

try and eat protein at every meal also

You need to eat more protein. Also I didn’t see any leg work in you routine. You need to squat. You should be eating 200-300 grams of protein per day spread over 6 meals or so.

You should take a look at Carb Cycling by CT, it’s a great diet.

And I’d suggest you search this site for a good program.

Do your legs or u’ll resemble a 60 watt lightbuild like most other dudes on this board.

Legs help circulation and they have the affect of makign the rest of your body grow–not sure why, they just do mmmk!