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3 Months Into TRT, Here is a Lab Update

My Total T, Estradiol and Free T is pretty high. I feel better than I used too, that’s for sure. Although maybe I’m responding to this treatment a little too good? Maybe lower dose and up AI?

T Cyp 200 mg/ml – 0.4 ml IM twice weekly

HCG 500 iu SQ twice weekly

Anastrozole 0.125 mg 2 times weekly

You have tons of room to lower your T dosage, estrogen will decrease even without changing the AI dosage. You may find dialing in Free T to between 20-25 pg/mL that you may be able reduce or stop the AI which should be the end game anyways.

Hi Lindy welcome to the forum. If you are looking for protocol suggestions.
I’d drop your weekly T dose to 120mg 1 shot you pick the day.
Stay on the AI for a month to help get your E2 and prolactin down then don’t take any more and do a mini blood test TT/FT/E2 6 weeks after you change your T dose.
Your SHGB is pretty dam high one shot a week just migh help bring that down which will boost your Free T. Good luck

What everyone else suggested, lower the dose to 120-150mgs, keep the AI. Trying SubQ for more stable levels is also an option if you wish