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3 Months In With Androgel Need Advise



I would like to lay out some info and ask questions before I go too far off the rails.
To begin with I'm only 48 and this all started 13 years ago with prostate issues every 5 years.
2 years ago I began Flomax after another flare up left me unable to completely empty the bladder, but no big deal.
Luckily the Androgel has had no effect on that thus far and hopefully it doesn't .
Over the years I've lost a lot of muscle mass, energy ,etc and asked my Doc to check my basics.
Before starting Androgel : T- 375 ng/dl , FSH-9.0 mIU/mL, LH-1.1 mIU/mL, E2-39 pg/mL.
One month at 2 pumps a day :T-201 ng/dl , FSH-6.3 mIU/mL, LH-.6 mIU/mL, E2-229 pg/mL (WTF?)
Second month at 3 pumps a day :T-387 ng/dl , FSH-4.8 mIU/mL, LH-.3 mIU/mL, E2-101 pg/mL
Oddly enough it cleared the mental fog at first, but now I'm crashing hard and feel as bad as before.
My next labs are not until next month at the current 3 pumps a day, but I don't want to continue this way.
Do I need to can the gel and switch to shots along with and AI, or just ask for an AI to supplement the Gel ?
Any advise to get me on the correct path would be great.




Drop the gel and switch to shots.


[quote]brentf13 wrote:
Drop the gel and switch to shots. [/quote]

Well sure,that’s better, but it’s not going to help my high E2 right now.
Also, my Doc will not allow me to self inject, only bi-weekly office visits.
He may be open to adding an AI, but I need help with my current situation.


I would agree with the above … Drop the gel … go to injections…If doc won’t do a reasonable protocol (there are maybe listed on here) then drop the doc … and find a well informed TRT specialists…A good specialist will know how to control estrogen…


You really need to read the stickies. You will learn a lot there that cannot be achieved in one guy’s thread.

Start with advice for new guys sticky.

You will see that inability to absorb transdermal T is a symptom of [functional] hypothyroidism. Read the thyroid basics sticky, eval your long term iodine intake, check waking and mid-afternoon body temperatures.

You also need to switch to injections. See the advice for new guys sticky.

Transdermals are the worst for T–>E2 conversion.

High E2 also raises concerns about liver function ALT/AST

High FSH and low LH raises concerns about a FSH secreting testicular cancer. Ditto for FSH that does not go to zero when on TRT. Start injections you should get high-normal T levels and if FSH does not get to zero, be very worried. And pain in a teste?

If you are a hyper metabolizer of T [rare], you would need around 300mg T per week instead of 100.

So you do have some odd issues. You cannot continue with the T-gels. Read Protocol for injections sticky.

E2 is a major issue for BPH. You must control E2 and getting a doc to go there can be difficult.

There is also a finding a TRT doc sticky.

One can crash on TRT for a few reasons. E2 is the most obvious concerns. However, if you increase your metabolism with T, your body may hit the wall if thyroid or adrenal[cortisol] function cannot keep up.


My doc would either, but the endo agreed to. Said they do it all the time. You might try talking with an endo instead.


D-Fox: We see that as a group, Endo’s do not do TRT properly. They are not informed and think that they know everything. If you try to take new info to them, they often are dismissive or pissed off.


Indeed shots are a better option, but since my Doc only offered me bi-weekly injections in the office and no other support I just went with the gel until I could find someone else. I’m looking but it’s not easy.
Most of the Docs are in these “wellness clinics”,etc, and want big $$$ to even talk to you.
What a sham for the same entry level support you can already get. Ugh!
To answer the other questions, I have no testicular pain or low body temps.
Is there an OTC AI that actually works that I could use in the meantime ?


You need big guns for AI, OTC products will just nudge things a bit.