3 Months In, Sky-High TT and E2

Got it, that makes sense. Thank you.

Oh, absolutely. I’ve been searching for other providers that allow self-injections, but no luck so far.

But what was the context? This could mean at least 2 different things. He could mean:

  1. there’s no advantage for someone on trt, vs someone ELSE with normal T levels who is not on trt.


  1. there’s no advantage for someone on trt, vs the same person off TRT, with really low t levels.

Number 1 is most likely true

Number 2 is most likely false

See above two plots. With hindsight we now know you have a very expected pharmacokinetic response to injectable exogeous testosterone. How about 70 or 80 mg/week, measure trough in 5 weeks and reassess protocol in 12 weeks. If you aren’t carrying a lot of bodyfat you probably don’t need the AI. Monitor your BP and RHR.

This is interesting, thank you for the data. I’m surprised my response has been so acute, and I’m definitely expecting a value above 1100 ng/dL for the next round of bloodwork, which will hopefully convince them to bring me down to 70 mg.

Re: BP - you’re not kidding. Pre-treatment I walked around at 110/65 - post-treatment I’m consistently 120/80.


You would think a completely different person posted if we couldn’t see the username and avatar. No integrity in that flip flop right there.

You’re a troll and clearly you have trouble getting along with people.

You must be very fragile, and so I’ll waste no more time with you.

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Before trt you had low libido and ed issues ? I have 800tt and shbg 55 and this symptomps

And there goes the ad hominem. It’s not trolling if you simply get called out for something rather having the usual core of groupies smooching up to you due to your post count and long rambling posts. You got called out here clearly and you don’t like it.

Like I said 0 integrity, which is sad. I just hope when more new members come looking for help they do their research and see that you are not someone to just take advice from simply because you got some clout, for what ever reason, on this board. Heck I realized that when I saw a post of Bossa completely owning you.

Yep. Hit me like a freight train out of nowhere in 2019.

Probably worth noting that libido improvements thus far have been nonexistent. ED moderately better, but not back to pre-hypogonadism levels.

This is actually what much of TRT talk is about, unfortunately.

“I got my T value checked and it was 500/600/700. I’m tired, libido isn’t what it used to be, not making gains, gained a few pounds of fat.”

I often feel like responding, “that sounds like every other middle-aged man with a life.”

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This is about to be my excuse to try out TRT, except my TT count is 335ng/dl and I’m 28, so… :man_shrugging:

You’re right though, I think many TRT users are mostly looking for an edge or ‘symptom relief’ regardless of medical “need”.

Complaining about an ad hominem, when you said he has no integrity?

What a hypocrite.

This situation likely show you have a real problem with the typical symptoms. Did you check LH and FSH?

I’ve been hypogonadal since 22 and had those symptoms. I had abnormal LH and FSH, low sperm count, so there was an actual problem.

What ever you say groupie.

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