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3 Months Bloodwork, No E2 Yet

Update, finally got e2 back, it’s at 37.5 pg/ml

I started trt @120wk with 750wk hcg on Dec 6, just got test back, no e2 yet though. Appointment with doctor isn’t for another 24 days, just looking for some help reading what I’ve got so far. Any help appreciated

Just a suggestion, I would put these results in your original thread so info doesn’t get lost. Your Total T and Free T are excellent, even IGF-1 looks perfect.

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Will do tonight when I got a lil more free time thanks. Test was done 2.5 days after last injection. Nothing else seems questionable to you?


You shouldn’t be doing labs at peak, we do labs right before our next scheduled injection, this is known as trough or your lowest point. Testing peak levels is less important and peak levels decline pretty quickly.

So if injecting once weekly, do labs an hour before your injection.

Weekly or twice weekly dosing? Get labs at trough, just prior to injection. Numbers look good but, yeah, two days out. DHEA could be added. They often re run E2 so final result may be interesting.

Wasn’t at peak, the last injection was 2.5 days prior to test. Had emergency so couldn’t make it on Monday for draw, so had to go Tues morning. So as low as I could be, correct? Injections on Monday Wednesday Friday.

We men inject testosterone and within 48 hours testosterone levels peak at their highest point, then begin to decline, think of an EKG or polygraph. The trough would be the dip at the bottom. Injecting M/W/F is different, you can do labs closer to your next injection.

I inject every 2 days and doesn’t really matter when I do labs as levels are very steady.

Test levels look good then.

Thank you both, I’ll try and figure out how to move this to the old Post. I’ll update with e2 when I get it back.

Updated original post with e2 lvl