3 Months & Already Plateaued

Been doing 3 months of rippletoes… I’m kind plateauing on a few lifts as in they dont go up easy anymore. How long should u be stuck at a weight before its a ‘plateau’.

My squats are stuck at around 150. Some days I can do the 3x5 others i can only do 4/4/3 or 4/5/4. I get fatigued really fast. No matter what weight im squatting, it never feels ‘easy’. By the 5th rep im straining. Especially in the hole. I’ve been stuck for 2 weeks now… i tried dipping down and coming back up.

I’m 6’2 34 years old and around 240. If i try to push for an extra rep i usually end up leaning forward and doing a crappy squat out of the hole. So I know im pushing myself. Fatigue is definitely a problem.

My deadlift is at 205 and still goes up every time. Will my deadlift eventually improve my squat or will that plateau soon too?

My upper body lifts are still improving but i want more leg strength.

I dieted down to aroudn 220 before starting rippletoes and put the weight on without really changing my BF %… But since im tall i look exactly the same. It’s still high BF %. Dieting was just making me skinny-fat so i decided on weight lifting to try to change this. Maybe i no longer have the testosterone to do this, but i still feel pretty ‘testosteroney’.

Anyway im just going for strength now and its not really coming very fast… I see 15 year old kids on this site doing double what i can do. I dont get it.

What does your current diet look like? Are you sure you’re getting enough calories?

things are normal.
dont worry about the 15 year old kids they are all full of piss and vinegar thats why they can do so much.
once you really stop adding weight then deload by a few pounds.
I think it says 20% I dont do 20% I just take 5 pounds off stay at that weight for 2 weeks to get used to it then start adding again.

When I opened this thread, instead of reading the OP, I read the first response.

The first response told the OP to eat more. That made me smile.

OP: Take some weight off your squat (drop back to two weeks ago… or more likely three weeks ago, because the last two weeks you’ve been stuck) and squat that for the 3x5. It should feel relatively easy. Do this for a week (or two, I’m not sure what the book says) and then slowly start adding weight again. Sometime it takes the nervous system a while to realize it needs to keep adapting.

And yeah, 15 year-olds are full of piss and vinegar (whatever that means) and probably a great deal of shit. For every 15 year old that can squat 225, there’s twenty who say they squat 405, but refuse to put up a video.

True Otep but meganewb is the real deal that guy is nuts. I remember alot of kids in my high school wearing those ‘300 lbs’ bench shirts too. And they weighed like 160 lbs.

I always liked sports but i feel like i got gypped by puberty cuz i never really got ‘ripped’ and was soon not able to compete. I didnt lift weights because back then it wasnt really all the rage. But still… so many other teenagers just were naturally muscular back then and i never really was.

I’m sticking with the program but to already have to dip back on the squats is kinda depressing since I’m so weak to begin with. I was hoping to plateau at like 250 not 150.

Eating is not a problem. Lol. If anything as soon as i get some respectable strength, if ever, im dieting back down again and seeing if i still look skinny-fat or if i actually look more athletic.

dont let6 it be depressing,its all to be expected just drop back the weight and start over you are fine.
be patient this stuff dosent happen over night.

You could also just try a new program. usually it will force you to do something new (front instead of back squats) step and drives instead of lunges, or different rep schemes, all of which will help.

I am not saying switch every month or week or anything. But when I start to hit a plateau its usually diet related or time to switch shit up a bit.

Patience is key my friend learn to wait (and work hard of course) and results will come. Sometimes you have to take a step back to later take a few forward�?� nothing to worry about.