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3 Month Transformation: 220-165. Now What?

Hey y’all. Just recently joined this forum after lurking for a few months. I recently within the Last 3 months went from 220# down to 165# at my lightest. I currently weigh 173#. I’m not really sure where to go from here. I want to maintain and improve my abs and core and have the beach body look. I know this may be dumb to some of you but I was fat for years and I’m still kind of in my head. Basically I really don’t want to get fat again. I need to learn more about nutrition. Any one who can add advice or where to search would be a huge help. Anyway on to the good stuff!

Current diet

Sunday no gym at all
Cardio: 30 min 6x fasted or post workout 3mph 10 incline

Hell yeah man, good job

I’m shocked that happened in 3 months. I’d be curious exactly what you did during that time diet and training wise because it’s insane for me to think that was 3 months. Not calling you a liar but that would be an impressive transformation for a year or more.

As for the diet you’re sitting on a treasure trove here. Just search diet or nutrition on t-nation and you have tons of articles to sift through. Things change over time and with new research so you could even say I’m only going to read the nutrition articles from 2013 to today. Of course if trying to learn solely no reason to limit yourself. That’s going to take care of plenty of learning and going to give you tips on how to set something up yourself or follow one of the numerous laid out diets on here.

It was a 4 day split with 6 days of fasted cardio. Liss, I started at ten min went up to 80 min a day. I won’t lie and say it was easy. Mentally towards the end my mood and energy went to shit. I didn’t stray from the diet once. I started getting really angry easily towards the end. The workouts were Killer after ten weeks in a calorie deficit if I didn’t time the meals right I would lift really really poorly. Also I recently Learned a few things that would’ve helped me a lot. I needed higher sodium intake. A few times I almost blacked out from chugging water and diet soda to curb hunger. Blacked out from lifting not the drinks lol.

If you want the diet I can send it to you. It changed often at the start last 4-5 weeks was the same.