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3 Month SARMs Cycle Bloods

Hey guys I am on the last week of a 3 month sarm cycle which consisted of LGD, S4, And RAD. For PCT I have clomid and Nolvadex and was wondering should I take both for 3 weeks or just clomid 50/25/25?

Holy Hell your test is absolutely tanked. I remember a simpler time when the hacks who sold these snake oil pills told people that SARMs weren’t suppressive.

Anyway, high AST is a sign of liver stress. Or muscle damage. But it’s not dangerously high, so I wouldn’t be hugely concerned just yet.

I know the suppression caught me off guard. Was not expecting is to be so low. I have started Nolvadex 20/20/10/10 along with otc PCT. I am starting to regain libido and feeling overall better. Going to get bloods couple weeks after PCT also. What was interesting to me was that my test was crashed but my LH and FSH were in range. Maybe it was because I stoped the LGD a few days before the bloods or SARMs don’t affect your LH and FSH as much. If that’s the case then What is their mechanism of suppressing Test.

Most SARMs that are being sold will almost invariably lower natural testosterone production. If you were on them for 12 wks it’s no wonder your test levels are low. I use ostarine a lot, but I know what I’m getting into, LGD, S4 and RAD are some of the purportedly strongest and also the least researched SARMs. At least you are PCTing with a proper SERM, and yes clomid 25/25/25/25 or even 12.5*5wks, no need for 2 different SERMs. You seem responsible and got bloods, get them again a few weeks after PCT. Also I wouldn’t worry about the elevated liver enzymes, it happens when you lift and most sarms or tamoxifen (if you choose that as a SERM) raise it as well

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Thanks for the reply man! How’s ostarine and suppression? I think I would do SARMs again during a cut when I’m trying to conserve strength and mass. I’m eventually going to run a test cycle to bulk.