3 Month Lab Work Concerning, Please Help

I started trt 3 months ago. I take 200 mg of test a week. 100mg (0.5 ml) of test and 100mg (0.5 ml) of hct twice a week sub q, Monday and Thursdays.

My labs at the beginning were:
Test: 491
Free: 17.3
Estradiol: 38.9

After 3 months, I honestly don’t feel or look any better and haven’t really felt much different. Still tired and sluggish but the recent blood test shows that all have increased tremendously. My trt “associate” said I can keep things as is if I feel ok. I would like to know is there any danger of my trt levels staying that high? Also my estradiol seems really high, is that ok or should I be on an AI?

Test: 1487
Free: 33.7
Estradiol: 95.1

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

I would not want my e2 that high. You could try lowering it and see if your energy & mood improve. Nothing wrong with TT & FT assuming your health markers look good (BP, lipids, CBC, etc)

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Your symptoms are not as a result of low-T. Your symptoms are being caused by something else.

Please describe your lifestyle prior to these symptoms, physical activity, diet, stress levels and sleep.