3 Month 'Cuttish' Plan


So i have a few questions…

First off i have been saying that I am going to get strict with my nutrition and lifting soon. This is it, I am sick of giving others tips on lifting and nutrition and being a hypocrite. Anyways I am at college without the ability to count calories or protein in the food I eat at the cafeteria. We have a buffet that offers crappy greasy grilled food or crappy hot food at a bar. Also has a sandwich bar that has processed meats to offer with a good selection of breads.
I only eat at the cafeteria twice a day.

Supplements- Whey Protein, Creatine, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and Almonds(lol i consider a supp).

Goal - Cut fat and meanwhile just lift hard.


  • Should I start being strict with my nutrition to the T in the first week? Or should i slowly manage my nutrition so that I am better each week?

  • How should i go about burning more calories then I intake without knowing what I intake? ( Maybe i should just eat protein shakes and bars for meals and then get fruit and some meat during school meals ).

  • Which is better? Running or high intensity training, or both? I am going to start walk/jog/sprint twice a week on my rest days for lifting.




  1. Depends. Are you an all or nothing person or a baby steps person.

  2. Reduce food intake (particularly simple carbs) and increase activity until you start losing weight. You are now burning more calories than you take in.

  3. Why not do both. You can walk every day and jog/sprint on non lifting days. On rest days you do that you rest.

  4. Try actually reading the training and nutrition articles. They are an invaluable resource.