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3 Month Bloodwork

Just got my 3 month labs back. 100mg tc per week split into 2 doses.

Tt= 988 ng/dl (250-1100)

Ft= 207.9 pg/ml 35-155

Estradiol = 23 ng/ml. <39

Psa= .4

Hemoglobin 14.6 g/dl 13.2-17.1

Hematocrit= 43.1. 38.5-50

Tsh= 1.3

Still feeling super tired especially after lunch.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

The doc upped my dose to 150 a week. Hopefully things will get better.

I would check your ferritin levels if you haven’t done so recently.

My hematocrit is always mid 40s, but seems strange that its 43 which is on the lower end of what it normally is. I thought it would be higher. Does this indicate an iron deficiency?

Do you feel tired after lunch, for the remainder of the day? Or just for a while? SHBG?

He didn’t check my shbg. I’m tired the rest of the day. Forgot to mention that I use a cpap machine. I sleep 6-8 hrs a night. I rarely feel like I have a good night’s sleep, but never have.

I’ve just noticed that since about week 3-4 on trt I’m more tired during the day than ever before.

I had the same experience, now that I think of it. Its like my body went on vacation to recover. Trust that you’re healing. One day, it will change. The higher dose is good. Im not a fan of 100mg/wk. Its a tease, and exogenous T means that you have to inject more than what you would naturally make. Glad your Doc upped your dose. Enjoy the moment, and simply know that you’re heading into puberty. Rest easy, and party.

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When I see a guy more than double his testosterone numbers and hemoglobin barely moves at all, all I can think of is does this guy have an iron problem.

When you have a someone on TRT, the iron requirements go up and if iron is in short supply, hemoglobin will drop and eventually you will become anemic.

I experience fatigue and can’t get out of bed in the morning and am tired all day when I don’t supplement enough iron.