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3 Month Blood Results Update, Still Getting Anxiety

Finally got my blood results after going through hell with this process maybe I can figure out what’s going on and why I’m at still getting anxiety and shortness of breathe. Here are my labs on 60mg test C per week and 1000 iu HCG per week (which I just stared a week before blood test.)

Do you have another thread? Your dose is too low, your E2 is too low, are you using an AI?

Ive posted about anxiety and high dosage yeah. No AI either . I’m supposed to be on a wayyyyy higher dosage but I’ve been stuck at 60mg because of these anxiety attacks I’ve been getting, I’ve been trying to see if my body gets used to 60 so I can go higher but I’m having zero luck, I was hoping the blood test would give me some sort of answer

Those with anxiety should be injecting very small doses very frequently since T-cyp spikes testosterone and estrogen then causing more anxiety. Your SHBG is 11 and why you are having anxiety on these moderate doses, you need to inject daily or step away from TRT.

Low SHBG men can struggle on TRT, this is why these very frequent smaller doses are needed. Your Free T3 is indicating hyperthyroidism, it’s abnormally high.

Low testosterone and low estrogen would cause anxiety is just about anyone. Your protocol is partly to blame for your anxiety, once weekly dosing and SHBG at 11, not hard to see why you are having trouble.

There are some men who can not tolerate HCG.

I’m doing like 30mg every 3-4 days . I know I need higher test levels but just afraid I guess. Would I do maybe 20mg eod or every 2 days to achieve that? My doc said I might even have to go to the cream since it’s absorbed even slower . I tried IM and went to the ER, so now I’m on subq which isn’t as bad but still some anxiety. And I did without the HCG for the first 2 months thinking the first dosage caused it but I still had the same amount of anxiety

How would I inject daily ? Just a different spot every day ? :grimacing: and is there anything I could do about the free t3 ? Never heard I had a problem with my thyroid

Could it actually be the the hyperthyroidism causing the anxiety ?? After what you said about t3 I looked it up and that’s one of the main symptoms. Could it be possible that the test is causing the hyperthyroidism which is causing the anxiety

Yes it can, it can also cause elevated heart rates, but I also believe by choosing anything less than a daily protocol you are choosing to continue down this path of continued anxiety. The smaller doses really do help those who are prone to anxiety.

I inject in shoulders and quads rotating sites every injection using 29 gauge insulin syringes.

Stop the HCG, I doubt it is helping.