3 Lifting Days. 2 Conditioning Days or After Lifting?

Hi ct

I want to lean up and am going to follow a 3 day liffting plan (push/pull - focusing on muscle snatches and squats and carries as my main lifts)

I also want to add 1-2 muay thai sessioms per week. My question is where to add them - on their own day or after lifting.

I am a type 2A. Im not sure if its best to have more full days of rest or spread out the training?


Just my two cents — I think the main thing is to schedule conditioning when you’re actuallly going to do it.

I used to plan conditioning after lifting but I found I’d skip it. So, I now either do it on its own day or as a second session on lifting days.

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More pennies for thought … I train Brazilian jiu-jitsu twice a week and prefer to keep it separate from my resistance training/weightlifting. That’s in part because BJJ is time-consuming and part because it is not just aerobically-draining, but psychologically-draining as well because there’s a high skill element involved. I do add an >20 minute conditioning routine after jiu-jitsu training. But otherwise, I do strength Monday and Wednesday, and BJJ/conditioning Tuesday and Thursday.

That said, I’m a type 3. Your mileage may vary.