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3 last bottles of mag 10

Hi I’ve got my last 3 bottles of mag 10 and was wondering how people think is the best way to use it - 3 weeks at 6 caps twice a day? 2 weeks at 9 caps twice a day? other suggestions??

I would go with the longer cycle. Mant time you start to receive the good results that you want only to run out.

I think it is another case of this being a game of time and not fast results. Go for the longer steady results.

Just my 2cc

I agree with Phil. Go with a longer cycle.

I take it you have used Mag-10 before, maybe want to consider using 3 caps each dose and going on the “Mag-10 plan for Success” with Tribex, M and Red-Kat. This will extend your Mag-10 cycle to 6 weeks, plus it will will keep your T up on the off weeks. Maybe since it is a smaller dosage than you would normally take you could only be do one week off instead of two.

But over all I would go for a longer useage instead of over-dosage.

I have a crazy idea…how about following the dosage on the label. Those are not put there just to have pretty writing on the bottle. It is important to cycle an andro according to what the manufacturer suggests. People who misuse pro hormones are the reason they are being banned. Word of advice: use it like it says, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 6-12 capsules per day.

I would actually drop both your plans personally and go for one long cycle. 6 caps a day for six weeks. This should give great gains with a dialed in diet and training. Just remember to lenghten you PCT.

Just my 2 cc again.

I am just a fan of the longer cycles. The two and three week super bulks just dont do it for me personally.


I agree with Phill on this one.

When you stop and think about it, 2 weeks is just a really short time to put on much size. Now, 2 weeks on/2 weeks off, for an extended period of time provides for a better protocol BUT because you’re only on the androgen for a short period of time, you never get to reap the full benefits in my opinion.

But, here’s my take on the recommendation of 2 weeks on. Biotest has (had) this very powerful supplement, called Mag-10. Being available to everyone, there are going to be some very knowledgeable people using this, and there are gonna be some “not so knowledgeable” people doing this. To avoid potential hormonal “disasters”, safer, shorter recommendations of 2 weeks cycles are a much wiser choice then trying to educate every person that buys this stuff about longer duration androgens, and post cycle therapy.

Recommend a safe, and effective way for your average weight trainer to use the product, and let the vets take it how they wish using the knowledge they have to use it effectively for guidelines outside of the company’s protocol.

That’s my take on it.

Totally agree with everything ND said.

With the recomendation of shorter cycles it is for general safety to all, the non educated and lazy included.

With the longer cycle much more care, planning, and education is needed. But you will reep much better rewards in the long run with the right planning.