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so for my math HW there is a problem

"their are three errers in this item. See if you can find all three"

my conjecture is

their = there

errers = errors


the third error is the statement "there are three errors in this item" because there are only two.



looks like you nailed it to me


That's math HW? Looks like a logic puzzler.


No the third error is that the first letter of the first word in the sentence should be capitalized.


Also, there should be a period at the end of the sentence, which makes four errors, plus a fifth error in the statement that the item contains only three errors.


Bravo Live I think you got it.


No, Live

I know you hate me. but I'll help you out because us Vampires are just kind hearted like that lol

  1. your sentence should start with a capital letter

2.their = there

3.errers = errors

4.there are three errors in this item

Your Immortal


oh, add a period to the sentence to finish it

so there are now five errors


That is your math homework? Oh boy...


its a different kind of math course

it involves stuff no one really does anymore, which is cool cause at least its not calculus or algebra but it sucks cause theres no tutors for it.

we do stuff like place values

base 2 (0,1), base 5(0,1,2,3,4), base 6(0,...6), base 20 (0...19)

modular math

mod 7 (days of weeks) mod 12 (clocks/time)

so like if you wanted to know what day it would be 945 days from today, theres a simple formula for that

some examples

T or F

4+9 = 1 mod 12

7*9 = 22 mod 8

2 = 2001 mod 8

5 - 7 = 24 mod 4

Montgomery College has 50-piece band and a 36 piece orchestra if 14 people are members of both the band and the orchestra can the band and orchestra travel in 2 40 passenger buses? Solve using a Venn diagram.

mad easy.

Let p represent the statement "Pries will rise."
and q represent the statement "Inflation will be controlled."

Translate each of the following statements into symbols

Prices will rise, or inflation will not be controlled

p v ~q

prices will rise, but inflation will not be controlled


..i mean youre taught the symbols b4 hand.

this class isnt really that hard, but no one studies for it so people dont do as great as youd expect because you dont put as much effort as you would into something more complex, which is really funny in an ironic way.


Scroll up, Count. You're late to this party. :wink:


teardrop rolls down cheek


Sounds like an intro 'Discrete Mathematics' class.

Either way, you're wrong to assume that 'no one really does anymore'. Logical operators, 'mods', evaluation of conditional statements, etc. are things software engineers (developers, programmers, analysts, etc.) do on a daily basis.

In fact, in this day and age, with the likelihood of having to script or forumlate logic for some device or software (eg spreadsheets for your business), these are some of the most practical skills you can have.


Was it tinged with blood, Anne Rice style?


well the reason i say that is because my professor explained that kids used to be taught different base systems during their intro to place values because it made things easier as essentially one place value is just as good as the next. however, due to lack of funding, standardized test etc certain coursework was dropped.

i also that because its a course that not a lot of people take therefore not a lot of people know about it. if youre a software engineer you dont make up majority of the population.

side question though

would "find all three" be considered an error as essentially there only 2 errors in the statement or is it right because there are indeed 3 errors? just wondering if theres really 3 or 4.


Looks like a discrete math course for non math/cs majors. This stuff is commonly taught, and I can't imagine many science majors not being exposed to it.


I took this same kind of math class last year. The worst part to me was having to write out every single step to solve the retardedly easy problems.


we kinda upgraded this week

theres like 2 weeks left of school and now the prof busted out the challenging stuff.

can you believe we actually have to memorize formulas now?

its the stuff for sequential and geometric patterns.

so like if someone said

"ill pay you 5 cents a day and triple the amount every day for 15 days", theres a formula for that.

A1 = N (A1+R)^N-1 or some bullshit like that


dude its not common at all. if you look at the course planner there'll be like 50 different algebra/calc/chemistry classes then theres maybe 2 of the math im in.

i think im going to take Matrices next semester, anyone have thoughts on that?


"Matrices"? :-/ You mean Linear Algebra?