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3 Full Body Workouts Per Week vs 5 Days 5 Muscle Groups


Can someone please help me choose between workout styles. I am not a novice body builder. i have been hitting the gym regularly for nearly a year with scattered appearances before that. I have the time to be at the gym close to 10 times per week. I have made some gains by separating my muscle groups. like monday-chest, tuesday-back etc. I also go back to the gym at night to do arms and cardio... is this bad? But everything im reading now is pushing towards these full body workouts and minimizing time in the gym.

I really want to grow bigger arms and chest without gaining much body fat. Im willing to put in whatever time is required. what would people recommend for me? im about 165 5'10 8% body fat. thanks


Just eat and lift according to your results and enjoyment.

Spend 3-4 months doing each with other factors remaining constant and see which works better for you.

Show some initiative with regards to your lifting goals instead of asking a question that has been asked over 1000 times.

It wouldn't have killed you to use the search function. But I guess it's easier to be spoon fed information...


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There are far too many signs of troll in this thread. I recommend carrots and bosu balls.


Dude you obivously have no idea how to train...So I'm gonna help you with the search function.

Try this http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/classic_vtaper

and later this


Read whatever that guy LaBuff has to say...It's what we all do around here and we are all functional.


Bosu ball squats and soy milk.


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i just dont quite understand. just vote 3 day full body or single muscle group isolation


I'm for ten times a week half-body.


With no leg work.


Half body? Like right side and left side?


Hmm. Wait. Make that "quarter body".

You rotate between: Upper right, lower left, upper left, lower right.

Yes, in that exact order or you will not be able to make amazing gains such as 5-10 lb of muscle per year.

Lanky: Leg work is done unilaterally at all times, like a one-legged leg extension, for example.


Would you recommend drop sets or rest-pauses with the one arm wide grip pullups?


Drop sets and pre-fatigue, of course.


Well now, that's a shameless rip-off of my grand program which I based on studies and science...


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Read different things then.