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3 Easy Steps To Your Ideal Body

I’ve been seriously into bodybuilding for about 5 years now. I found out about it from some old Muscle and Fitness mags at the local library. Started pumping and haven’t looked back since. But enough about me.

Heres all the info you ever need to build your ideal body in 3 basic principles.

  1. Everyone wants to be buff but ain’t nobody want to lift no heavy ass weights. Rule 1 - Lift you some heavy ass weights. Do it 3-5 times a week and don’t get scientific about it. Just lift to you feel like you put an honest workout in. You know yourself.

  2. Diet? Get you some protein shakes and the essentials. Meats,fruits,veggies,yogurt. Don’t stress on the minor details. Eat a Big Mac if you really want to but be smart about it. You know the difference between sabotage and just enjoying yourself.

  3. Consistency. String enough of these days together and you’ll get your ideal body. I’m not an advocate of this 3 month BS or these bootleg velocity diets. Just be consistent.

Thats it. No stupid ass inspirational BS. If you need a John Wayne story to get you off your ass you are in this game for the wrong reason.

Good stuff. People don’t address the self honesty concept enough. If you’re a fat slob (like me) you know what you’re doing to cause it or what you need to do to fix it, if you are honest with yourself. Same with you skinny devils out there.

Good points dude. Self analysis is the key to succeeding in any aspect of your life. You have to be able to tear apart your flaws in order to accurately gauge the proper way to fix them.

So anways the theory behind this post is simple. Get back to the basics. Now I love coming to T-Nation but I feel like a lot of the stuff posted in the articles section can lead to mental masturbation. Hell, it seems like there is a new program every week by some guru. This is note just soley T-Nation but almost all sites and mags.

The basics never will steer you wrong. If something sounds to extreme why even do it? Do something that you can do for the rest of your life. You don’t need all these overpriced sups,gear, or any other fad that has come out in the last 5 years. Get you some dumbells,a racks, and a bench. Thats all you need. Machines are for pussies that like things less intense.

Oh yah…And don’t draw inspiration from other humans. IMO Humans are some of the most lazy and excuse ridden species that evolution has ever created.

Want some inspiration? Watch March of the Penguins. Those fuckers walked 70 miles 4 times in the freezing artic just to preserve their species. I see people out in real life bitching up a storm if they have to wait in line for more then 5 minutes.

Oh yah…and before I go.

Last but not least OPERATE at LEVEL 10 when you are in the gym. It’s game day. Don’t go in there with some half assed attitude and go through the motions. Eat yourself a little protein bar for some energy and lift some heavy ass weights.

Right on Leon! Cut the bullshit over analysis and get to work!!!

this dude knows his stuff! building the body you wants is as simple as that. The key is consistency.

Leon ,thta is one of the best article i ever read on this site

[quote]020606 wrote:
this dude knows his stuff! building the body you wants is as simple as that. The key is consistency.

Leon ,thta is one of the best article i ever read on this site

I agree, keep doing what your doing until it doesn’t work anymore and then try something else. The most important thing is not trying to lift the same weight every week. You have to up the weight by 5 or 10 pounds around once a month. If your not moving up in the weight your just spinning your wheels.

I’ve been doing MUCH more of this the past few weeks and MUCH less ANALyzing and so far I find it to be all 100% true. Very simple. Good work!