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3 Days Into First Cycle. Having Problems.


hello everybody I am in some desperate need of help here is my story. I am 19 years old and been training serously for 3 years I weight 245 pounds. Ive just started my first cycle ever and I felt like I was gonna collapse today.

(((((DAY 1)))))))
20mg, of dbols
o.5cc of test prop
0.5cc of masteron
1 pill of arimidex

4000-5000 calories

First day on gear. Felt extremely light headed and felt like almost fainting after some heavy squatts and deadlifts barely finished workout
and had light headache all day

(((((((DAY 2)))))))
20mg of dbol,
okay workout no pumps felt okay no headaches
thought to myself myabe dosage is too low

((((((DAY 3)))))))
1 cc of test prop
0.5 cc of masteron
40mg of dbols
1 arimidex,

25 minutes after my dbols (1hour 30 mins after my test, masteron, arimidex) I felt extremly dizzy ,light headed and heavy chested. Started workout , after warmup whole upperbody extremly pumped and huge heart beat and huge heart rate with some dizziness. stop workout and walk for 1.5 hours with sipping water.

during the walk heart rate dropped but chest felt heavy still
went home ate nothing excpet 2 bananas 2 hours apart and lots of watre. then 5 hours later went to store and got BP cheked and it was alright nothing too big dystolic a little low 65 and systolic 175 but then 5 minutes later 135. finally got calm and relax, went home and ate a chiken breast and a glass of milk. chest got heavy again but no increase in heart rate or dizzines.

Extremly confused, wth is going on, please help my guess is the arimidex is skyrocketing my BP and 40mg of dbols is too much for me??


you are taking an entire 1mg pill of arimidex EOD??? Maybe try .25mg EOD. 1mg is very high.


yeas I was taking 1mg EOD, so if i wanted .25 would it be okay to break the tab. Dont see any other way of doing it unless they make .25mg sizes.

P.s : I also felt very short of breathe the entire day and still do almost 8 hours later


What should i do for tommarow, I, guessing 20 mg dbols and cut the arimidex completly and then back to .5cc of prop and masteron the next day, just to be on the safe side. could carry this dosage for my entire cycle


What kind of a first time cycle is that anyways???

Dbol, Test Prop and Masteron??

At 19 years old??

IMO, stop the cycle now, DIET down, wait for another 6 years and then do a proper cycle.

If you want to continue the cycle, take only the Test prop.

Horrible, you should slap the person that gave you this cycle.


please dont just say my cyclesa horrible. explain why and what i should change??


If you feel the way you do, dont you think you should have stopped taking the drugs that make you feel irregular?

You are too young to be using.


dude this actually scares me a little bit. I know at 19 you think you have all the answers and are bullet proof but this is just retarded.

Stop your cycle and please have a decent pct ready

You spend the next year reading and learning about aas use. Then spend the next 5 years learning about training, diet, and just your body in general.

Then go and study about aas some more.

I read about this game for 2 years before i pinned and im still learning. Everybody wants to be big and strong yesterday.

Starting this young and ill informed will only hold you back from what you want to be. Get your head out of your ass. The only anabolic substance you need at your age is FOOD!


He is 3 DAYS into the cycle, no PCT needed, he shouldn't bother putting even more medication into himself at this point.

I agree on the food, but he weighs 245lbs, and my guess is just that he isn't at 4% bf with that on his first cycle.

He is fat and needs a diet, a very slow one, and learn about food.

Just my 2 cents.


Whoops overlooked the 3 day cycle cause I was so put off about all the other info in op post. I agree with his weight...that's why I said he needs to spend the next 5 years learning about diet training and his body....good catch stark


I to think your young to drug yourself like that. If you keep on with it I hope you never planned on having kids.

You feel the way you do because it's to much for your body to handle. Listen to what your body is telling you. It does not like what your putting in it.


Yo Dawg,

  1. Listing the volume is not the same as listing the dose. How many Mgs are you taking of each?

  2. That's way too much Arimadex. Take it down to .25 EOD or ED at max. (Yes, break the pill.) Prop does Aromatize, like all Test, but due to the short ester it's attached to it causes very few problems even at high doses.

  3. Why are you taking Mast on your First cycle? IMO 500-700mgs of Test Prop per week is more than enough and all you will need for your first cycle. Keep the Adex at a low dose throughout and get yourself some Clomid or Nolva for PCT if you decide to stay on.

  4. You're legally a man. Even tho you're still young as hell you are entitled to make your own choices and mistakes. I won't tell you to stop using AAS but I will tell you that you have asked some pretty serious questions and have run into some pretty obvious warnings that you do not know enough about what you're doing. All evil, damage, negativity mistakes, etc come from ignorance. What you don't know can and will hurt you. Keep asking questions and make full use of the all-knowing omnicient entity that is Google.

  5. Fuck It, good luck.


this is the reason why I think gear should still be illegal. Kids in particular want to rush into using gear too soon. Its so easy to get gear online now also which is kind of scary how many teens are using. Not to mention lot of gear online is weak/fake so extra scary for many teens to be using.


guys i cut the dbols and did my usual 1cc of prop and masteron felt good in my first workout & but started getting heavy chested through the end of the day after 2nd workout. checked my bp at 930pm and it was fine . taking arimidex .5 every third day now