3 Days Into Cycle, Can't Lose Weight

May 1 118.4kg

September 1 97.45kg

Diet was keto omad, it works best for me. Weight went down steadily the whole time. Started on September 1 a cycle of 400mg test e, 400mg EQ per week, Tren A EOD 100mg and 50mg winny per day. Plan was to continue cutting for the first month and slowly raise the calories to a maingaining point for the other 2. Still following the diet and on around 1500 cals a day. Weight is going up by the day.

Reason why I posted this topic: Why is the weight going up?

Are you/have you engaged in some manner of physical training during this time?

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Dude it’s been 3 days, and you’ve injected with a shitload of gear, which would make you heavier even if not eating anything (nitrogen balance, water etc)

Also, were you taking stuff prior to this?

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Doesn’t even matter on the amount of gear he’s on.

Because your are on A LOT of anabolics relative to your current level of development. You will initially gain quite a bit of weight, no matter how you eat. It is water and glycogen, not lean tissue or fat.

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I feel it matters just because, as you noted, that’s a LOT of drugs to be taking.


I should have said, on that amount of gear, he would gain weight even if he were eating 500 calories a day and his training consisted of picking up the remote to turn on Netflix.

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Absolutely concur. You are simply being more polite than I am :slight_smile:

To be honest I’m not very happy with the cycle too, but the gear has been sitting for a long time and the supplier recommended using it within the period. I figure it’s not so much gear that it’s going to pose a significant threat to my health over a more moderate cycle. Hopefully not getting shut down permanently too, although there is a TRT clinic 5 minutes walking down from my house lol

Haven’t taken anything for around a year. It’s my 5th or 6th cycle overall.

I have since May but very gradually. Couldn’t even walk down the street without being out of breath. It’s been only since a week ago along with the start of the cycle that I started going as hard as possible, 5-6 days a week training hard and 3-5 of those days I include 30 min of running.

Using gear so early in your training seems like a very bad strategy to me.


That’s a good salesperson lol


Man… 100mg of tren EOD is not nothing. + winstrol and EQ…

First of all you should have never taken tren. The only people who could ever consider it would be already very jacked pro or high level amateurs.

Not to shit on you but you don’t look like you’re on gear.

Honestly you should probably go easier on the diet for a while, a nice little break. 1500 calories is nothing, it’s for women and kids. I am starting my diet right now at 2800 cals, 12K steps and I’m natty and 12 kgs lighter than you.

You should never go under 2000 unless you’re about to step on stage in a few weeks.

So yeah I’m pretty sure you won’t stop your cycle now, so go easier on the diet and try to use your gear to pack on some more muscles before resuming dieting down

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dude just stop !!! you know absolutely nothing and thats why your physique looks the way it does… “not gonna be shut down permanently” ??? are you really that dumb that you’ve never heard that once you start injecting test you’ll be shut down until pct or keep doing trt.

1500 cals a day ?? i know you look like a 12 year old boy but you’re not, start eating like a man for f&^%s sake… start lifting weights , start doing something. Sorry i dont sugar coat things but if you’ve done 3-4 cycles already you need to stop and go try something different like square dancing.


I get what you and T3hPwnisher are saying, thank you for your answers.

To give it a bit of context, I haven’t been able to train for the year I mentioned as not being on gear. I had balooned to 118.4kg and my only objective when I started in May was to diet down to healthy weight and start building from there. When it comes to the calories I understand what the typical bodybuilding cutting and bulking diet looks like, that’s not what I was doing. My plan worked just as intended and I lost 20kg in 4 months.

I was just surprised of so much weight gain from water when using dry compounds

It’s a lot of gear, man.

Have you used this much in previous cycles?

I’m very happy for you and congratulations on that huge loss. But please understand that trying to continue to cut on all the anabolics you are injecting will prove difficult, if not impossible. If you are set that you are going to continue this cycle, the best use of the drugs will come only if you eat for growth.

Over half of the total amount of gear you are on is from not-dry compounds.

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I have used this much gear on my last cycle more than a year ago, the only difference I used Test and EQ in the start, phased out EQ midway and introduced the Tren A and winny towards the end. I was monitored monthly by a doctor and everything turned out fine. “Fine” meaning the expected levels for someone on a PED cycle. Right now because of covid I can’t do that anymore, so I’m on my own.

I will take your advice and start eating for growth and continue cutting after the cycle is over on my downtime.

You are on a pretty huge cycle, so no wonder you gain weight.
Also, by the way you look i can say that you have no business touching tren or winny. Those two are the heavy artillery and are just not needed at your level.

Also, i do believe that using such cycles just to cut is a waste of a cycle. Steroids are for building muscle. When cutting best you can do is - maintain it, so you wont really get much out of stacking em together or upping the dose.
Lets say - 250mg of test can maintain your muscle… You calories dont allow your muscle to grow no matter what since there just is not enough material, right? So… What do you think adding tren, eq and winny does? It only fucks your insides and does absolutely nothing for your muscles.

When bodybuilders use these compounds to cut, what they are looking for is not fatloss, but some specific way of looking that each of these compounds can give them. Unless you are doing a beauty contest prep, there is no need for that as it all goes away as soon as you quit the drug that gives you that certain look.

This is my fat ass yesterday. I am cutting on 290mg of test-e right now. Im 6’2 and 245lbs now. I really think you dont need THAT cycle you are on, to just cut.

From your picture i would say - 200mg a week is enough. What you can do to not fuck your body up with drugs is - low dose of GH… You could take 2iu of GH in the morning, before fasted cardio, lets say - EOD, or however often do you do fasted cardio. GH is known to help burning fat, especially while fasted. That is what i do at least.

If you care for yourself - dont do this… As in, you can go for some size, but drop the tren and winstrol. You dont need them. With your muscle mass atm, you can either cut on 200mg of test or grow on 200mg of test. What you need is a good strenght program, some bodybuilding assistance work and calories to grow.
Right now, when im done cutting, i would NOT do tren and winny immediatelly. What i would do is - up the test and thats it. So i am sure that you are just wasting that gear and fucking yourself up.
There is really no point to take years off your life with that stuff if you are not getting anything out of it. Steroids are not magic - there is only an X amount of growth that can happen and just by adding tren, EQ and winny it wont tripple. I would suggest you quiting that gear and deciding - bulk or cut, on 200mg of test.
If you decide to bulk, you can then cut right after, cruising on same dose.

if by downtime you mean going off completely then that is the worst thing to do - cutting right after a cycle means losing all gains twice as fast… you would at least need to be on a cruise dose.


Yeah I agree it’s too much gear. Although my personal experience is different for some of the things you’re saying. This is where I got last time towards the end of the cycle. 6’3 and fluctuating around 110kg

3 month cycle, did a common PCT and T levels recovered to where they should be. There was a significant difference in mass and strength post cycle but I definitely did not lose everything I gained. Either way I’m paying attention to all your comments (at least the constructive ones lol) and reassessing.

What were your calories when you started to cut?