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3 Days a Week & Workout Time

Hey Ya’ll…

Just wanted to see what some of you thought and maybe get some feedback as to what you people do.

Actually a 2 part question/post…

For last 4ish months I’ve been doing CW’s TBT training and it’s working awesome for me. Not only improving my strength and physic, but also the timing works great, fits in perfectly with my schedule. Now, just like any T-Nationer I know I can’t do the same thing week after week and I don’t. In fact I normally change my workout every week and if not, I change it every other week. Can I work out like this for good? I’m thinking of doing CW’s ABBA stuff later on this year, but I really, really like the 3X’s a week deal…

OK, second part…

I get up about 4:30 a.m. work from 6-2:30. I workout on my lunch break which I can take just about any time. I normally head to gym anywhere from 10-12:30, but I’d really like to nail down a more permanent time, but sometimes I have to adjust my schedule with meetings and all… What cha’ll think about this? What would be a good time for me to workout. By 10-12:30 I normally have 3 meals in…

Thanks for the input?


Well you can change ABBH to three times a week. It will simply allow for more recovery which may be better for you. Also will make the program a bit longer in total length. Just do the same w/o’s in the series prescribed in a longer format.

As for when. No one can tell you that you will have to find what works best for you as for performance and consistancy.

Hope that helps,

You may want to consider this chart when choosing a workout time:

Daily Peaks in Factors Affecting Athletic Performance
Circadian Rhythm Time of Day
Blood Catecholamine level 6-10AM
Blood Cortisol Level 6-10AM
Short-term Memory 8AM-1PM
Speed and Accuracy of Motor Performance 12PM
Logical Reasoning 2PM
Trunk Flexibility 2PM
Self-Rated Vigor 3PM
Maximal Ventilation (breathing) Rate 3PM
Lowest Fatigue during Maximal Exercise 4PM
Peak Esophageal (core) Temperature 4PM
Grip Strength 2-6PM
Maximal Oxygen Consumption 3-8PM
Eye-Hand Tracking Control 8PM

Adapted from Armstrong, 2000.

It’s from Eric Cressey’s article 27 synergistic factors. He goes into a bit more detail explaining it there. Hope this helps.