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3 Days A Week w/ PR Sets Routine?

I’m looking for a solid 3 Days a week routine, my main goals are described below.

Gain Size
Gain Strength
Be Better In Shape.

I love PR sets in the routine and they keep me motivated, so a routine with PR sets would be awesome but not necessary.

I have already done and complected BTM, it was fun and hard and don’t plan to run it again yet.

PR sets followed by boring but big?

Does this not describe the overwhelming majority of 5/3/1 templates?

I vote for triumverate. The self-discipline of limiting assistance work is eye-opening.


I know in the Forever book it’s more 5’s Pro instead of the PR sets.

I’ll look into Triumverate, I know it’s a 4 days a week routine but I’m sure like all of Jim’s 4 days a week routines you can switch it to 3.

The original book has plenty of three days a week options


Five and dime was fun. Lots of variety there with pr sets and 5x5/3/1.

If you think the 5/3/1 Forever book has more 5’s PRO than PR sets then you haven’t read all the programs - most of the Anchor programs have PR sets.

If you want the simplest program to follow that gives results (provided you actually do it correctly and give forth massive effort) - Triumvirate. Either the older version or the newer version. Do one main lift/day and be smart about what you choose for assistance. Thus the entire point of training (not being a worker outer).

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Thanks for the response Jim!

I do know every routine in the book has the PR sets in the Anchor and have run some of them, but I really enjoy the training when PR sets are in the Leader (The Old School Way).

I will give Triumvirate a run, I’m currently wrapping up 531 & Widowmakers that is in the Forever book and enjoyed it a lot. I will have to dig up the new Triumvirate routine I don’t know if I have seen it. I know the older version was a 4 day so would you recommend just extending the week to 9 days for my goal of training 3 days?

Yes! I’m a huge fan of training three days/week with one main lift a day. More so now than ever. You aren’t going to get weaker if it’s a 9 day cycle.

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I love the original 5/3/1 challenge laid out in the Forever book. PR everytime and limited choice of accessory work because its specific. One of my favorites and easily doable for this 50 year old.

When the goal is to get more familiar with the lifts, can I use 5´s PRO on the Triumvirate template or is this a dumb idea and should I stick to PR sets and reps?

I would go for a PR - it’s a valuable skill.

Hello. Where is the newer version of Triumvirate mentioned?

Sorry to resurrect this again: but what is the newer version of the Triumvirate?

Is it simply doing 5/3/1 (or 5 pros) + Supplemental (e.g. FSL or BBB) + one other lift?