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3 days a week split [rainbow]

hey rainbow thanks for all the advise you should be a personal trainer!
i was still wondering how to split the 3 days of weights per week
wk 1.chest & back
workout 2. delts & arms
workout 3. legs & calves and abs
what is your opinion of 4 days per week [monday tuesday thursday friday]?
and if that sounds good how should i split the bodyparts up?
i assume i should only be training each bodypart once per week
once again THANK YOU for all the help
hard trainer

Your 3-day split sounds fine. I am currently on a 4-day split (M-T-TH-F). I do Shoulders on Mon; Back/Bi’s on Tues; Chest/Tri’s on Thurs and Legs on Fri. I do cardio 3 days a week, usually some intense jump-roping followed by hill sprints.

hey i was just wondering if rainbow comes to this section of the forum or wether i should re post on the steroids and other drugs forum?