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3 Days a Week Fatloss Circuit?

Hey guys I was wondering if there are any good programs on here for fatloss. Rather something that could be done maybe like mon, wed, fri. I havent lifted in about 2 years and tried to jump into a more advanced routine and it was too much for me.

Is it possible to do a full-body circut routine 3 times a week for fatloss? I was looking at Chad’s 10x3 for fatloss which is cool but dont know how to extend it past 4 weeks? I basically have been doing BJJ and boxing in the evenings and need a lifitng program. It sucks because I would like to do the hammer down program but I think its too much for me just starting back up.

I know that he is going to have a full-body circuit day in there and was wondering if maybe I could just do a 3 day a week circut to help with fatloss and get back into lifting and then slowly phase out 2 of the circut days and replace them with the strength days he has on the program. The problem is I wouldnt know how to structure it. Maybe someone could give me soem advice. Thanks.

ANY solid program here will fit the bill for fat loss if diet is in check and you are eating for loss. Yes those you listed are great and total body is argueably the best for fat loss.

Agreed… Diet is the most important element for fat loss. The weight training that accompanies it is usually for muscle preservation.

If you like Chad Waterburys 10x3 article, he as plenty more than just that. Click on “Authors” on the left and you can see many of the total-body-programs he has written.

Or Do a search for Total Body Training.