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3 Days a Week, Cleans?


Hello everyone looking for some insight.

I have LE skills training beginning in January, My current 4 day schedule ends this week and i want to/have to go down to 3 days a week once my classes start.
I really want to work on my cleans, clean and jerks, and or hang cleans during this time. I own Wendlers beyond with the 3 day clean template and also a couple books written by Brooks Kubik with some solid looking 3 day templates that are heavy in clean and pressing.

I was wondering if you guys had any links or have good templates/suggestions of 3 day a week full body that includes cleans or variations of cleans? thank you for any input


You could just do Bill Starr’s simple three program. 3x/week, squat/clean/bench (I’m sure you could do another press instead), heavy/light/medium.


I agree with the Bill Starr suggestion. His basic template from The Strongest Shall Survive is almost just what you’re looking for.

Heavy/Light/Medium, 3 days a week, 5x5. I used the overhead press, power clean and front squat. This setup worked great for me coming off of a more “traditional” split that included bench press, squat, deadlift and more benching.

On the Heavy day, I worked up to a 5 rep max. Then I usually tried a few push presses or push jerks after military presses. And a couple sets of shruggs or rack pulls after cleans.

On my light day I used 80% of heavy day’s weight for my 5 work sets of 5, and tried to get through them with as little rest as possible.

On medium day I used 90% of heavy day’s weight for 5x5. This was always a tough workout.

For assistance I did some close grip bench presses, chins and all kinds or rows.

There are probably a few things wrong with this plan, but it worked great for me. I think the key was the switch from PL, or BB type lifts and schedule into the “Olympic inspired” routine.


Awesome I just ordered this book earlier today with some christmas money. thank you for your replies


I hope you enjoy the book. It’s kinda old, but it’s still one of my favorites.

Here is a link to an article on this site from a few years ago. It’s a 3 day a week plan for “busy people.” It’s Push/Pull/Squat, not full body, and I didn’t like the push or squat days very much, BUT THE PULL DAYS ARE AWESOME.

The Heavy Pull Day went like
Power Clean From Hang 5 sets of 4
High Pull Clean Grip From Floor 4 sets of 3
Partial Deadlift from Rack 3 sets of 3
Start each exercise with the heaviest weight you used on the previous lift

The "Dynamic Day"
Barbell Snatch from Hang 6 sets of 4
Power Cleans 5 sets of 3
Snatch Grip High Pull From Rack5 sets of 4
Start each exercise with the heaviest weight you used on the previous lift

It was a take on the old idea of “progressive pulls.” Each pull day you get the clean and snatch grips, a lift from the hang, a lift from the floor, and a heavier lift from just below the knees in the rack. The variety was fun, and each lift built off of the the previous lifts, so it was great “practice” too.


thanks for the reply back, i think i will enjoy the book quit a bit. usually the older the strength training book is, the more i enjoy it. they are usually just so basic and brutal ha.
I looked over the link and appreciate your time of finding it for me! very intresting but im not that busy but who knows maybe one day work in LE Ill have to resort to it if im working a odd type of rotating shift so i saved the article in favorites.
Thanks again!


+1 to Bill Starr’s programme. I also agree with the poster above suggesting Pressing instead of Bench Pressing.


I do think presses of any kind or jerks are the coolest but my LE school does have a bench test so I gotta keep it in. although i bet i could incline bench one day and be just fine, ive read about bill starrs book in the past and do think he recommends that. But im still eagerly waiting for the book)