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3 Days a Week BBB?

Hey folks,

New poster here, but I’ve been browsing T-Nation for a couple of months now. I’m 28, and have been lifting for several years, but never really got serious. I’m that classic eternal-newbie, making decent gains here and there, but never really sticking to anything long enough to really make any substantial strides.

Well, enough is enough.

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion (one that I’ve since read just about ever coach on here express. so i guess it’s less coming to a conclusion and more getting less dumb) that there’s no perfect program out there, and that by sticking to ANYTHING decent all the way through, I’ll make better gains than by arbitrarily jumping from plan to plan.

Chad Waterbury’s programs sound great, and I figured I’d start with his Big Boy Basics plan. However, a three-day plan would better fit into my currently wonky work schedule. I know his Total Body Training is a three-day, but I want to start with something I’ve never done before, and BBB fits that bill.

So, I ask you wise t-veterens, would BBB work on a three day-a-week plan? So the day four workout would be done on Monday of week 2, and the cycle would restart with workout 1 on Wednesday.

Possible? Or would that change the dynamic enough that I should just find a program that cooks a three-day plan right in?

Thanks folks, and I look forward to harassing the hell out of you with ques- I mean, interacting with you all in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

No what you have will work make it a longer then seven day training week, like you have youll just get more rest which will likely help


Thanks for the reply, Phil. Yeah, it makes sense that it would still work. I reckon that instead of doing it for four weeks or whatever, I’ll just plan on doing each workout four times, however long that takes.

Thanks again!